Vacuum Pressure Unit

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The Vacuum Pressure unit provides clean, dry, filtered pressure and vacuum in a compact and rack mountable form factor. The lightweight unit produces low noise and the dry diaphragm pump provides oil-free use with a 4,500 hour maintenance interval. Two (2) 8 ft hoses are provided, one for Pressure and one for Vacuum.
  • Clean, dry filtered and regulated pressure source
  • Dry Diaphragm Pump provides oil-less operation
  • Lightweight, compact 19″ rack-mount form factor
  • Pressure Connection: 37° AN4 on Rear Panel
  • Vacuum Connection: 37° AN6 on Rear Panel

Vacuum Pressure UnitThe Vacuum Pressure Unit (VPU) is an 7-inch high (4U), rack-mounted pneumatic device that provides vacuum and pressure as external sources for use with Air Data Calibrators and Testers. The VPU is enclosed in a 7.0 x 19.0 x 14.5 in. case and weighs 18 lbs. The lightweight design allow for ease of handling and may be used on a bench top or mounted into a standard 19-inch wide equipment rack in a repair facility. The operates with 115VAC single phase power. Rear panel fittings allow connection of the VPU pressure and vacuum outputs for convenient operation. Two hoses are provided, one each for vacuum and pressure, with a length of 8 feet each for connecting the VPU to the intended calibrator or test system.

The VPU generates uninterrupted regulated vacuum and pressure which can be sent over separate vacuum and pressure hose lines to an Air Data Calibrator or Test Set. The maximum compressed air output of the VPU is 60 psig (pound-force per square inch gage) at zero Liters/minute and free flow at 12 Liters/minute. The vacuum output is capable of providing 0.4 inHg absolute.Vacuum Pressure Unit

Available Accessories
Custom length hose assemblies are available to meet customer specifications.
Vacuum Pressure Unit

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