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Sensor Concepts, LLC

Acquired by Raptor Scientific in 2020, Sensor Concepts, LLC (SCI) provides integrated RF/Microwave solutions to support radar cross section, material and antenna measurements. SCI systems are used throughout the customer product lifecycle, starting in R&D and continuing through manufacturing and production.

The SCI product team consists of multi-disciplined individuals with expertise in RF/Microwave hardware development and test methodologies, software development including user interface and control, algorithm development and field service. Cross-discipline assignments are encouraged in order to develop the skills necessary to provide the customer with the optimal total system solution. Extensive field measurement experience helps SCI develop products that work “first time” in challenging field environments. Supported by a talented administrative staff, SCI thrives in the current “quick reaction” business environment and prides itself with on-time deliveries.

InfiniScan MAx

The InfiniScan Mechanically Assisted, or MAx, system variant leverages metrology-grade location tracking and built-in automation for highly accurate and repeatable aperture formation.

The MAx system RF Head leverages the WaveCore source/receive module to cover the frequency range of 2 – 18 GHz, coupled with a custom-designed antenna to collect both horizontal and vertically polarized data. The incorporation of automation to control the aperture formation and maintain true desired observation geometry greatly improves measurement performance over traditional methods.

InfiniScan Handheld

The handheld unit employs the WaveCore microwave transceiver which contains all of the RF electronics and antennas to cover the frequency range of 2 – 18 GHz. Simple user controls and an onboard display allow the user to operate all of the functions of the software to calibrate the radar, align to the target, measure the target and view the data which was collected.

InfiniScan Backpack Unit

The backpack unit has a padded waistband and shoulder straps as well as a hard shell enclosure that houses custom electronics in order to provide power and communication signals to the handheld unit. Ruggedized and latching circular connectors and a custom cable are the only interfaces between the backpack and handheld unit. An auxiliary circular connector provides access to additional signals such as Ethernet, USB and VGA.


The SCI-Xe-AC measurement system is powered by a SCI-Xe Portable Imaging System. The SCI-Xe-AC system provides the ability to perform zone and sub-zone imaging while maintaining all of the acquisition and data reduction capabilities of the SCI-2k. The small footprint allows for even easier field utilization. This system provides measurements at a nominal range of 10 feet. The core system comes complete with integrated antennas, a nominal 55-inch linear stage with pitch control, 4.5-18GHz Radar subsystem, integrated Video/Laser, and a computer system.



The SCI-2k-ES (Engineering Series) measurement system is powered by a SCI-2k Portable Imaging System. The SCI-2k radar employs a single channel receiver that is configured to operate in one of the three software selectable frequency bands. Each frequency band is configured independently and user-definable setups are available for saving all radar settings. These system setup files can be recalled to automatically configure the radar. This system supports sub-band frequency sweeps that are optimal for the fastest possible measurements. The SCI-2k incorporates hi-speed RF switches and RF attenuators that will allow for multiple frequency sweeps “on the fly”.



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Address:  7950 National Drive, Livermore, CA 94550

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2657, Livermore, CA 94551-2657

Phone: (925) 443-9001


Cage Code: 1K9E2

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