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Mass Properties Measurement Instruments

Perseverance Rover Many of these instruments can test in multiple ways, streamlining your quality assurance processes. Our state-of-the-art instruments include:
  • Weight and Center of Gravity (CG) Measurement Devices: We manufacture 26 standard models that can assess large spacecraft over 35,000 lbs. down to bullet-sized objects of a few grams and millimeters.
  • Moment of Inertia (MOI) Measurement: Our equipment is capable of measuring a wide range of object sizes and weights, including aircraft, and can measure MOI to better than 0.1%.
  • Full Mass Properties: Our KSR instruments combine CG and MOI measurements with the world's most accurate technology. The MP Series is a portable solution for field measurements, and the Intenso+ non-linear pendulum system is a collaborative innovation for CG, MOI and point of inertia (POI) payload measurement.
  • Dynamic BalancingMeasure CG in static or dynamic modes at a range of RPM speeds, crucial for testing spacecraft, re-entry vehicles, satellites and projectiles. Several configurations accommodate different testing environments, whether in an air vacuum or temperature-controlled chamber.
  • Gimbal Balancing: We create the only comprehensive set of machines for balancing gimbaled platforms — the components used in sensors and camera equipment on guided projectiles or piloted aircraft.
  • Moment Weight Scales: Test the balance and moment weight of blades, fans and engine turbines with the extraordinary sensitivity of our single-axle or multi-axle measurement devices.
  • Fixtures and Accessories: We fabricate custom-made adapters and positioning fixtures for all types of objects. With these specialized products at your facility, you can configure your mass properties measurement lab for any task.
  • Center of Buoyancy (CB): We've developed an experimental method for submersible object testing — the system calculates the difference between load cell forces in the air and water. Our instrument can determine the mass, CG in the air and CB with accuracy never before witnessed in earlier years.

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Mass Properties Measurement Instruments


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