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The InfiniScan system is a man-portable radar imaging tool which revolutionizes the way that RCS measurements are performed. Because this system is man-portable the aperture formation, which is needed to produce an image from the measurement, is not bound to or limited by any mechanical structure. Therefore, the contour and number of paths that may potentially be formed by this tool are “infinite”.

There are three main components to the InfiniScan system which are the handheld unit, backpack unit and the analysis workstation. In order to align to the target and to form images from the data that is collected, a high speed and highly accurate positioning system is required.

System configurations are customized based on individual needs, contact our engineers to discuss your unique scenario.

*Commercial product catalog available upon request.

The InfiniScan product line has matured and is expanding. Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

infiniSCAN 500
Early prototype of the handheld portion of the InfiniScan shown

The handheld unit employs the WaveCore microwave transceiver which contains all of the RF electronics and antennas to cover the frequency range of 2 – 18 GHz. Simple user controls and an onboard display allow the user to operate all of the functions of the software to calibrate the radar, align to the target, measure the target and view the data which was collected.

Specifications & Characteristics

RF Specifications

  • Frequency Coverage: 4 – 18GHz
  •  Measurement Range: 1′ to 6′
  •  Dual Polarized Antennas

Handheld Weight:  9 lbs.

Backpack portion of the infiniSCAN
Early prototype of the backpack portion of the InfiniScan shown

The backpack unit has a padded waist band and shoulder straps as well as a hard shell enclosure which houses custom electronics in order to provide power and communication signals to the handheld unit. Ruggedized and latching circular connectors and a custom cable are the only interface between the backpack and handheld unit. An auxiliary circular connector provides access to additional signals such as Ethernet, USB and VGA.


There are two 98Wh lithium-ion batteries which are the primary power source and allow the system to be operated for approximately four hours without swapping a battery. When a battery change is needed, the electronics support a hot-swap function which means that it is not necessary to power down the system prior to swapping out a battery with a low remaining charge with one that is fully charged.

Hard Drive

To reduce the overall impact to security the backpack unit uses a removable hard drive to store the operating system, radar control software and all data that is collected. Solid state hard drives are used to improve reliability and robustness. These drives have a capacity greater than 80 GB and the operating system that is installed is Windows 10. A primary and a backup hard drive will be supplied with the system for a total of two hard drives.

Specifications & Characteristics

Backpack Weight:  17 lbs.

Run Time: > 2.5 hrs. between hot-swapping batteries

To support the activities of both configuring the measurements and for analyzing the data which is collected, a ruggedized laptop computer is provided. SCI’s Data Reduction software is provided as the primary data analysis tool for the data collected by this system. Along with the Data Reduction software, an additional software tool is provided to configure the radar and geometric parameters for each measurement.

System support is available for this system and will be quoted upon request.

Radar Cross Section Measurements


InfiniScan MAx View Product
SCI-Xe-AC radar cross section
SCI-Xe-AC View Product
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SCI-2k-B2A and cases
SCI-2k-B2A Radar Measurement System View Product

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