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Specialized Support for Space & Satellite Programs

Boeing CST-100 Starliner Weight and CG of Large Objects and Spacecraft
Boeing CST-100 Starliner

Raptor Scientific manufactures test and ground support equipment for spacecraft design, production, and testing. Our instruments are used throughout the world to measure manned spacecraft and satellites of all sizes. Our customers include NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Thales Alenia Space (Italy), JAXA (Japan), NSPO (Taiwan), KARI (South Korea), and Turkish Aerospace Industries.

We support large satellites and manned spacecraft with our combined mass properties measurement instruments, the only instruments in the world capable of measuring all mass properties in one setup. These instruments reduce handling, thereby reducing the risks associated with it.

The small satellite market is exploding, knowledge of the mass properties of a small satellite is essential to understanding its flight dynamics and adjusting its attitude control loop. Raptor Scientific has developed a suite of mass properties instruments intrinsically compatible with cleanroom requirements, providing the measurements needed with no risk to flight hardware.

Fixturing is an essential part of accurate mass properties measurement in space applications. Raptor Scientific manufactures all fixtures necessary for mass properties testing.

Our Mechanical Ground Support Equipment for spacecraft manufacturing and testing includes vacuum-compatible L brackets for use in thermal vacuum testing, positioners, multipurpose trolleys, support trolleys for acoustic chambers, and handling bars for variable center of gravity with a crane.

In addition, the Raptor Scientific hemispherical and spherical air bearings are used as frictionless test platforms to test attitude control systems.

A few of the space and satellite program we have supported include:

  • Boeing C ST-100 Starliner
  • NASA Orion Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle
  • NASA Lunar Explorer (LADEE)
  • JPL Mars Science Curiosity Rover
  • Iridium Satellite Constellation
  • JPL Galileo Jupiter Spacecraft

Raptor Scientific is your resource for measurement, test and ground support equipment for spacecraft design, production, and testing. Learn more and contact us today.