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Pitot Static Test Sets

Flightline Pitot Static Test Sets

ADTS Series are portable, ruggedized, self-contained Pitot Static and Air Data Test Sets capable of accurately controlling and measuring altitude and airspeed pressures. These testers are designed to calibrate, test and troubleshoot aircraft Pitot and Static systems and instrumentation in a flight line environment. The control ranges, measurement ranges and accuracy of these test sets meets or exceeds the requirements for nearly all commercial and military aircraft test applications. Select a test set below to learn more flightline air data test sets

Pitot Static Test Sets


ADTS-3250 Air Data Test Set (photo) Rev E
ADTS-3250 Commercial Pitot Static Test Set View Product
TTU-205 Spare Parts, PPCM Spare Parts
Pitot Static Hose Assemblies View Product
adts-3350er flight control systems test set
ADTS-3350 Series Test Set View Product
ADTS-3300JS Test Set View Product
ADTS-2000 Test Set View Product
TTU-205 Series Test Set View Product
ADTS-1575 Series Test Set View Product
ADTS-1555 Series Test Set View Product

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