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ADC-2550V3 Air Data Calibrator

Product Details

The ADC-2550V3 is a high-accuracy air data management system capable of controlling and measuring Altitude and Airspeed pressures to the highest degree of accuracy. The control and measurement range of the test system meets or exceeds most requirements for commercial and military test applications.

The ADC utilizes two digi-quartz absolute pressure transducers which provide unmatched accuracy and long-term stability. An expansive 10.4-inch glass PCAP touchscreen display allows the operator control the calibrator directly from the front panel. The intuitive graphical user interface features easily accessible modes of operation, including: Measure, Control, Leak Test, Test Program (capable of programming test sequences), Remote and Calibration. The ADC features several interfaces, including RS-232, IEEE-488.2 (for remote operation), VGA, USB2.0 (3x) and RJ-45.

The ADC is designed with hardware and software features for maximum protection to the operator and unit under test (UUT). The calibrator features input pressure regulation, over-range, over-limit and over-pressurization protection. Micro-porous filters and screening prevent debris from contaminating the system. The calibrator is equipped with pressure relief valves to protect the pneumatic system components and the UUT from damage. In the event that the calibrator loses power, internal vent valves and a front panel manual vent can be used to safely vent to ambient. Test Program mode allows the operator to create a virtually unlimited number of test routines for semi-automated testing and report generation, saving time and providing improved test consistency.

The ADC can be calibrated using a Primary Pressure Standard that will cover the full range (ADCS601, Dead Weight, Schwien).

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The ADC Series software and additional apps feature an intuitive user interface which is easy to use and has a low learning curve. Operators select modes of operation from tabs and sub-tabs selectable using the touchscreen or mouse and keyboard.

Vacuum and Pressure Sources

Pressure and Vacuum sources are required when using the ADC Series as a controller. Our line of oil-free pressure and vacuum sources provide clean, dry air to the calibrator. Standalone, benchtop and rackmount options are available.

Pressure Only Source

P/N: PRU-1000  Single Output Pressure Source
P/N: PRU-2000  Dual Output Pressure Source
P/N: ADC-2500-PRES-115  NSN: 6830-01-653-2523 (DISCONTINUED)

Vacuum Only Source
Compact, high-performance oil-free vacuum source features a hermetic design providing a robust pumping speed of 60 liters per minute and a low base pressure. 115 VAC  and 230 VAC models available.

P/N: ADC-2500-VAC-115  NSN: 4310-01-653-2521
P/N: ADC-2500-VAC-230  NSN: 4310-01-670-3652

Vacuum-Pressure Source

P/N: VPU-1000


19-inch rackmount PRU Series provides Pressure only or the VPU Series provides both Vacuum and Pressure – single or dual output options available.

Altitude (Ps) Range-10,000 to 109,985 ft
Static (Ps) Sensor42.4375 to 0.2046 inHg
Static (Ps) Accuracy±0.003 inHg or 0.008% FS, whichever is greater
Altitude Rate0 to 50,000 ft/min (40.0 inHg/min)
Altitude Resolution1 ft, 0.01 mbar, 0.0001 inHg (Ps), 0.01 mmHg
Altitude Unitsfeet, meters, inHg, inH2O, mmHg, mbar, hPa, PSIA
Airspeed (Pt) Range0 to 1,050 knots
Pitot (Pt) Sensor0.6449 to 112.3230 inHg
Pitot (Pt) Accuracy±0.004 inHg or 0.008% FS, whichever is greater
Airspeed Rate0 to 800 kts/min  (40.0 inHg/min)
Airspeed Resolution0.1 kt, 0.01 mbar, 0.0001 inHg (Pt), 0.01 mmHg
Airspeed Unitskts, Qc, inHg, inH2O, mmHg, mbar, hPa, PSIA, kph, Mach
Control Stability0.001% FS (Absolute or Differential)
Operating MediumClean Dry Air or Nitrogen (non-density sensitive)
Display10.4-inch with Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen
InterfacesRS-232, IEEE-488.2, USB (x3), LAN, VGA
Altitude (Static) PortStandard: Male JIC 37° -6 AN Stainless Steel bulkhead
Airspeed (Pitot) PortStandard: Male JIC 37° -4 AN Stainless Steel bulkhead
Calibration CycleOne (1) year
Power90-265 VAC, 45 – 440 Hz, 1 Phase
Dimensions19.0 x 10.5 x 20.0 in (19-inch rackmount)
Weight38 lbs (17.24 kg)

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