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Tachometer Tester

Product Details

The Model 3800 is a compact, lightweight and quiet tachometer tester designed specifically for calibrating and troubleshooting aircraft and helicopter tachometer indicators and generator/alternator systems on the flight line and in the workshop. The Model 3800 exceeds current U.S. Navy specifications.

The Model 3800 is accurate to within ± 0.02% of the set point value throughout its operating range of 1 through 6,500 RPM in 1 RPM increments.

Calibration can be performed in the clockwise or counter-clockwise directions using RPM units, or as a percentage of full scale from 1% to 120 % (42 to 5040 RPM) in 1% increments for jet engine tachometers.

Needle fluctuations and erratic readings are quickly isolated using the manual Adjust mode. The AND 20005 drive pad allows the unit to be used with all standard aircraft tachometer generators and alternators.

Simple, intuitive front panel controls make tachometer testing efficient and convenient and shorten the learning curve for inexperienced operators.

Target speeds and system status information are available at a glance on the vacuum fluorescent front panel display.

A standard SAE cable adapter is included with the test set for convenient testing of cable-driven tachometers. Internal switch-selectable Wye-connected and delta-connected load banks are also included to facilitate voltage output testing of phase tachometer generators under load.



Calibrates 2 and 4-pole generators, as well as RPM and % indicators.
Calibrates optical tachometers from 500 to 65,000 ROM with the (optional) optical tachometer kit.
Calibrates jet engine tachometers as percentage of full scale from 1% to 120%.
Calibrates electrical and cable-driven tachometers.
Accurate to within ±0.02% of set point value.
Normal operating range from 1 to 6,500 RPM.
Intuitive front panel controls for efficient testing.
Manual Adjust mode for easy tachometer troubleshooting.
Standard AND 20005 drive pad.
Internal Wye-connected and delta-connected load banks.
Quiet operation.
Stores up to 4 user-programmable test scenarios for both Tacho-Gen and Tacho-Indicator (in addition to the standard scenario).
Intuitive controls shorten learning curve for inexperienced operators
Target speeds and System status information easily available on vacuum fluorescent front panel display
Includes standard SAE cable adapter for testing of cable driven tachometers. Also included are internal switch-selectable Wye-connect and delta-connectable load banks are also included.

Model3800_Web01Accuracy: ±0.02% of the set point value in all operating modes

Resolution: 1% or 1 RPM (10 RPM in 10:1 multiplier mode)

Setpoint stability: ±0.01% IV throughout operating range

Operating Range:
RPM mode: 1 to 6,500 RPM in 1 RPM increments
% (Percent) mode: 1 to 120% in 1% increments
Optical mode: 500 to 65,000 RPM in 10 RPM increments

Display Units: RPM or %

Tachometer Drive Pad Type: Standard ¼” square female coupling in accordance with AND 20005, Type XV-B

Input Power:
Voltage: 120 (or 220) ±10% VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Current (max.): 4 Amps
Fuse type (2 required): 1 Amp and 5 Amps

Case Dimensions & Weight:
13.25”L x 9.2”W x 11.5”H
19 lbs. (8.62 kg.)

The optional optical tachometer kit contains a polygon mirror disk, an opto beam mask, and a vice head assembly. Use of these accessories simplifies testing of handheld instruments.


Tachometer-generator and Tachometer-indicator acceleration can be set to Normal (high), Medium, or Low. Medium and low acceleration rates are useful when troubleshooting to identify gauge needle fluctuations and erratic readings or points where the needle appears to stick.

Optical Tachometers

The optional optical tachometer kit contains a polygon mirror disk, an opto beam mask, and a vice head assembly. Use of these accessories simplifies testing of handheld instruments.

Using the included mirror disk, the accuracy of optical tachometers can also be tested within a range of 500 to 65,000 RPM in 10 RPM increments with an accuracy of ±0.01% of the set point value.

Standard Accessories

Included with the 3800 Tester are these accessories :

  • Power cable
  • SAE Cable Drive Adapter
  • 3-pin Indicator Test Cable
  • 2-pole Load Test Cable

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