Commercial Aviation & Avionics

We offer a wide variety of mass properties measurement services and products including blade balancing for aircraft – both fixed and rotary wing – and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones and UAVs).

Gimbaled Sensors – Raptor Electronics gimbal balance machines measure the unbalance of a gimbal about each of its own axes of rotation within tolerances smaller than 0.1 g-cm.

Blade Balancing – Our blade optimization software, also called blade distribution software, calculates the best combination of blades that minimizes the overall unbalance of the rotor stage. Our blade distribution software accounts for a given unbalance of the hub.

Moment of Inertia, Center of Gravity, Mass and Balance – Our single axis moment weight scales are ideal for measuring high pressure and low-pressure stages of aircraft engines. Our single axis scales come in two different series: a high accuracy series featuring the highest accuracy on the market; and a low-cost version providing the same accuracy as traditional designs.

Testing Aerodynamic Flutter of Aircraft Control Surfaces – Flutter is of great concern to any pilot since excessive flutter has caused a number of aircraft to lose control and crash. Although any surface on an aircraft that is exposed to air flow can experience aerodynamic flutter, the most common type of flutter involves the control surfaces such as ailerons, elevators, and rudders.

Igniter Circuit Testers – Our igniter circuit testers for commercial use come in single and multi-channel models for testing simple electronics paths to complex multi-path circuits.

Raptor Scientific is here to address all of your aerospace measurement and engineering services needs, explore our site to learn more.