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Rental and Leasing

Mass Properties Measurement Instrument Leasing

Do you need to perform extensive measurements for a short period of time but are not ready to invest in equipment you may not need again? All instruments manufactured by our Space Electronics division can be leased rather than purchased if desired. A minimum rental period may apply.  Alternatively, you can let our experts work for you by utilizing our mass properties measurement laboratory. 

Radar Cross Section Systems Leasing

One of the many advantages of our RCS measurement systems is their portability. We can ship a system to you, when and where you need it to meet your diagnostic measurement needs. We offer complete turnkey systems including radar, computer, antennas and a rail system.

Air Data Test Set Equipment Rentals

Raptor Scientific Air Data Rental Program is designed for qualified customers who have a short-term need for an Pitot Static Test Set or Air Data Calibrator. With a rental unit, customers on a fixed budget or with an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation can quickly get access to available equipment. All rentals are subject to availability, see additional terms below.

  • TTU-205 Pressure-Temperature Test Set
    Model No. TTU-205J  P/N: 200317658-30   NSN: 4920-01-512-7743  (RVSM)
    Model No. TTU-205D  P/N: 18910480000   NSN: 4920-01-141-0974  / 4920-00-931-1457  (non-RVSM)
    Altitude: -1,500 to 80,000 feet
    Airspeed: 20 to 1,000 knots
    Note: 115VAC 400Hz power required
    Rentals starting at $1,150/week

  • 2-Channel RVSM Test Set
    Model No. ADTS-3350ER   P/N: ADTS-3350ER 0001/A001  NSN: 4920-01-662-3920
    Altitude: -3,000 to 85,000 feet
    Airspeed: 0 to 1,000 knots
    Rentals starting at $875/week

  • 3-Channel RVSM Test Set
    Model No. ADTS-3250
    Altitude: -3,000 to 65,000 feet
    Airspeed: 0 to 650 knots
    Rentals starting at $1,200/week

  • Laboratory Air Data Calibrator / or Test Set
    Model No. ADC-2500V3 / ADC-2550V3 or ADTS-1575
    Various types of rackmount and benchtop configurations available
    Rentals starting at $920/week

  • Vacuum Pressure Unit
    Model No. VPU-1000
    Rentals starting at $150/week

  • Benchtop 115VAC 400Hz Power Supply
    TVCS-PS-1350 or TVCS-PS-1351
    Rentals starting at $150/week

Air Data Test Equipment Rental Terms:

  1. All rentals are subject to availability at the time of request.
  2. Units are delivered with a NIST traceable ISO17025:2017 accredited calibration with documentation, CD-ROM with manuals and our quick start guide.
  3. Shipping is not included, please provide a shipping account number with priority or we can provide a pre-pay and add quote.
  4. Hoses and aircraft adapters are not included with the air data test sets. Air Data calibrators require a pressure and vacuum source for control functionality. A standalone vacuum pressure unit may be available for rent separately.

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