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ADC-2500V3 Air Data Calibrator

Product Details

The ADC-2500V3 Air Data Calibrator is a high accuracy pitot static air dat calibrator. The calibrator is capable of controlling and measuring Altitude and Airspeed pressures with the highest degree of accuracy. The control and measurement ranges and accuracies of the calibrator meet and/or exceed requirements for both commercial and military applications . Currently all USAF PMEL organizations are standardizing their ADC-2500 calibrators to V3.
  • P/N: ADC-2500V3 | NSN: 6695-01-686-5413
  • High Precision Air Data Standard with intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Automated test & calibration of TTU-205J, ADTS 405F, ADTS 415F, ADTS-3350, ADTS-3300JS
  • Interfaces: RS-232, IEEE-488.2, TTU-205J, VGA, USB, Ethernet


adc-2500v3-rearThe ADC-2500 features a brilliant high resolution 10.4-inch LED back-lit LCD display. The expansive display allows for an uncluttered and intuitive software interface. A USB keyboard and mouse are included for control and data input. The calibrator uses two (2) high precision, non-density sensitive transducers, which provide unmatched accuracy and performance. Corrections are done through software, requiring no mechanical adjustments, and are capable of holding their accuracy for a period of at least one (1) year.

For customers who calibrate or maintain TTU-205 test sets, the ADC-2500 includes Enhanced Calibration Capability (ECC) software which provides fully automated TTU-205 calibrations. This software allows for full automation of Pre-Calibration checks and Calibration, as well as the ability to re-characterize the transducers. All data is provided in tabular or graph formats and sessions can be stored and saved for tracking or later use. Additionally, the ECC software can generate and print reports for record keeping.

Simple Intuitive Interface

The ADC-2500V3 software provides an intuitive graphical user interface through an expansive 10.4-inch touchscreen display. The calibrator measures and record readings and displays the data in table format or graphically. Data can be printed for calibration reports and records and backed up to a network or removable media. In addition, the calibrator can be operated remotely through the RS-232 (serial) or IEEE-488.2 interfaces located on the rear panel.

Safety and Protection

The ADC-2500V3 incorporates several hardware and software measures to protect the air data calibrator and the device under test (DUT). The ADC features input pressure regulation, over-range, over-limit and over-pressurization protection. 20 micron micro-porous filters and screening prevent debris from entering the system. The calibrator is also equipped with pressure relief valves to protect the pneumatic system components and the DUT from damage caused by excessive pressures. The front panel manual vent valve can be used to vent the system and DUT to ambient pressure in the event of a power loss . The ADC software apps are designed with limit exceedances and settings, providing additional safety to the DUT. Software is designed to prompt and warn the user when pressure ranges exceed the limitations of the test set. Test Program mode allows the operator to program test sequences with a virtually unlimited number of set points and tolerances. A report with data and Pass/Fail conditions can be generated automatically from the program.


ADC-2500V3 Brochure

ADC-2500V3 Air Data Calibrator


Manuals are not currently available for download, please contact us directly for manual requests.

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