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ADTS-3250 Pitot Static Test Set

Product Details

Raptor Scientific’s newest ADTS is based on our rugged, proven, and reliable ADTS-3350 series. It has a smaller, lighter form factor with lower rates and ranges for the commercial market.

The ADTS-3250 is a portable, high-precision, dual-channel pitot static test set designed to calibrate, test and troubleshoot aircraft pitot static systems and air data instrumentation. The ADTS can be used to test nearly all types of commercial aircraft and meets requirements for RVSM testing. The test set base model is a two-channel system –
upgrade to the three-channel model for testing Angle of Attack (AoA).

The 7.0” touchscreen handheld Remote Control Unit can be operated both wirelessly using built-in WiFi direct or hardwired to the test set using the included cable. The intuitive graphical user interface is designed to virtually eliminate the operator’s learning curve.

Aircraft Pre-Select allows the operator to select pre-loaded aircraft profiles. Once selected, the profile limits the ranges and rates to the aircraft under test. Each aircraft profile can store a virtually unlimited a

mount of Test Sequences. These sequences can be programmed to perform semi-automated tests based on job guides or technical
orders. This provides improved test consistency while decreasing testing times. Profiles and test sequences can be created and/or edited using the included Profile Builder software.

The remote unit allows the operator the ability to perform aircraft checks and control the test set directly from the cockpit. The WiFi connection provides greater range over Bluetooth systems.

The ADTS can be calibrated automatically using Raptor Scientific ADC Series Air Data Calibrators. Corrections are automated and require no mechanical adjustments. The transducers have been proven to hold their accuracy for a minimum period of one (1) year.

The ADTS-3250 will be offered with a standard 2-year warranty, a 1-year calibration included, 48-hour guaranteed turnaround calibration services, free software updates as well as a loaner program to reduce downtime.


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