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Mass Properties Measurement Laboratory Services

We provide cost-effective mass properties services with faster turnaround times and greater efficiency. We identify and provide the best testing/measuring system to suit your measurement needs. Not only do we manufacture the most accurate mass properties test instruments in the world – our expert lab technicians will put them to use for you.

Radar Cross Section Measurement Services

We can provide services to perform the entire RCR measurement process for your test or to help optimize your procedure. This includes leading the measurement at your site, a remote site, or assisting you in utilizing our products.


Do you need to perform extensive measurements for a short period of time?  Our leasing program will help you complete your project.


We are NIST certified for the measurements of mass and distances, the two quantities used in mass properties. We recertify your calibration hardware. We test and certify mass properties equipment from all manufacturers, including our own products.

Engineering & Consulting

Our experts in mass properties can assist you on your most difficult projects. Our team will work with you to build a test program or product that fully meets your measurement needs – schedule, accuracy, analysis, and reporting.


Our training seminars have gained worldwide recognition. We offer a variety of seminars throughout the year on our products and services, in small, hands-on classes.

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