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Heat Flux Transducers and Thermocouples

Raptor Scientific manufactures high-performance heat flux transducers, thermocouples and related parts used in heat flux sensors and infrared radiometers. Applications include defense, space, and industrial/commercial activities involving the ability to measure very high temperatures in hostile environments. These products are often the only source for certain applications, such as space flight-certified heat flux transducers, infrared radiometers, and gas base thermocouples, and are listed as the standard for many U.S. and International fire testing specifications.

Heat Flux Transducers and Thermocouples


Kendall Absolute Radiometers View Product
Furnace Heat Flux Probes View Product
sheathed thermocouple probes
High Temperature Thermocouple Probes View Product
TCFW Series – Fine Wire Thermocouple Probes View Product
TCS Series – Coaxial Thermocouple Probes View Product
Thermocouples View Product
heat flux transducer
8 Series Heat Flux Transducers View Product
64 Series QW-1C Heat Flux Transducer
64 Series Heat Flux Transducers View Product

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