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Ensuring the Effectiveness of Integrated Defense Systems

Raptor Scientific provides support to the development of integrated logistics defense systems through our extensive range of mass properties instruments. We offer solutions for the measurement and balance of all types of payloads, from small ammunition to electronic components. We manufacture instruments that measure mass, center of gravity, moment of inertia, product of inertia, and dynamic unbalance with the highest accuracy available. At Raptor, we provide the only true combined instruments that measure several mass properties in one setup.

Our Igniter Circuit Testers are utilized by our DoD sector customers to measure the resistance of electro-explosive circuits such as rocket igniters, explosive bolts, squibs, and blasting caps, using a test current that is as much as 1,000 times less than a conventional precision low resistance ohmmeter.

Our gimbal balance machines are highly sensitive measuring instruments used to achieve a state-of-the-art static balance of devices such as missile guidance systems for defense and airborne sensors and cameras for the industry. They measure the “unbalance”, or lack of stabilization, of a gimbal about each of its own axes of rotation to better than 0.1 g-cm.

Raptor Scientific’s Radar Cross Section measurement product line provides measurements with emphasis on radar systems, data reduction and analysis, algorithm development and field measurements. Our product base includes short-range zone imaging systems as well as longer-range dynamic measurement systems. Our R&D efforts continue to advance the state of the art in radar design and algorithm development to support SAR applications including ATR, GMTI, and other advanced concepts. Our RF Systems division is focused on customer needs and providing full-spectrum support including engineering, field measurement, software development and manufacturing.

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