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We offer an extensive range of test and measurement capabilities including Mass Properties, Radar Cross Section Measurement Instruments, Air Data Test Systems and Igniter Circuit Testers for developers of high-performance systems for whom failure is not an option. Our groundbreaking solutions offer the highest level of accuracy, safety, and exceptional product reliability. Since 1959 we have built our reputation on our exceptional products and service.

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Groundbreaking Solutions

Over the last 55 years, we have sold more moment of inertia and center of gravity instruments than any other company. We invented the force restoration concept of CG measurement and the inverted torsion pendulum method of measuring MOI and originated the spherical gas-bearing spin balance machine which uses two force transducers to determine both product of inertia and CG offset in a single run. 

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Expert Mass Properties Measurement Services

We provide cost-effective mass properties services with faster turnaround times and greater efficiency from our 2,3000 square foot mass properties measurement lab. Our engineering team will work with you to build a test program that fully meets your measurement needs – schedule, accuracy, analysis, and reporting. Your engineers and technicians are welcome to participate in the testing, or you can hand the project over to our team of mass properties expert

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Testvonics Logo Blue

April 12, 2021 |

Raptor Scientific Announces Acquisition of TESTVONICS, Inc.

TestVonics, Inc is a leading provider of high-precision Air Data Test Sets and Air Data Calibrators, for the US Department of Defense, NATO, Foreign Military Services and Commercial Airlines and Airframers. Raptor Scientific, a leading provider in the design & manufacture of high-tech Test & Measurement products in the Aerospace & Defense markets, announced today […]

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Covid Notice Graphic

October 27, 2020 |

COVID-19 Information

We wanted to provide you with an update concerning Raptor Scientifics business continuity in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. As you know, the coronavirus presents an unprecedented and evolving situation. As we continue to monitor and respond to all developments, we want to reassure you that Raptor Scientific has the necessary plans in place […]

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Product of Inertia vs. Moment of Inertia

December 03, 2021 |

Product of Inertia vs. Moment of Inertia

According to Newton’s Laws, objects will stay in their current state of motion unless something acts upon them. While Newton’s Laws are usually applied to linear motion, they also apply to rotation. A rotating object will continue to rotate unless a force acts on it. How quickly an object rotates depends on its mass properties […]

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Fall 2021 Newsletter Image

December 02, 2021 |

Fall Newsletter – November 2021

What Does “Accuracy” Really Mean? Many of our customers ask for the most accurate mass properties measurement available, but what do they really need or want? At Raptor Scientific we strive to assist our customers in understanding the cost-benefit relationship in attaining high accuracy. We rely on more than 60 years of experience designing and […]

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Why is MOI important

May 14, 2021 |

Why Is Moment of Inertia Important?

Why Is Moment of Inertia Important? The moment of inertia (MOI) is one of the many mass properties that describe an object’s stability and the forces needed to alter its motion. For aerospace engineering, stability is a crucial element in designing and manufacturing air and spacecraft. Knowing the MOI about various axes is vital to determining how a device […]

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