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TTU-205J Retrofit Kit

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TTU-205/J Retrofit Kit standardizes TTU-205 models and increases reliability and provides automated calibration. The Retrofit Kit can be installed into any TTU-205D, TTU-205F, TTU-205G or TTU-205H test set in about 30 minutes. Once the installation is successfully installed, the test set becomes a TTU-205J.
  • Upgrades TTU-205/D, TTU-205/F, TTU-205/G, TTU-205/H, TTU-205S/S & FLMTS testers
  • RVSM Accuracy, improved test consistency and reduction in turn-around times
  • Extends operational life of assets, saving on new acquisition costs
  • TTU-205/J Retrofit Kit P/N: TVCS-5200
  • A2 Enhanced Calibration Capability PCB, NSN: 5998-01-509-8040
  • A1 Enhanced I/O PCB, NSN: 5998-01-515-9821

TTU-205/J Retrofit KitThe TTU-205J Retrofit Kit can be used to standardize any TTU-205D, TTU-205F, TTU-205G, TTU-205G/E, TTU-205H, TTU-205S/S or FLMTS to the TTU-205J configuration. The TTU-205J Standardization Program, adopted in 2003 by the United States Air Force, has retrofitted over 1,300 test sets to the TTU-205/J configuration. The TTU-205J retrofit provides increased test set reliability and accuracy for RVSM testing. Additional benefits include:
• Improves accuracy and test consistency through software automation software
• Automated calibration provides reduction in turn-around times for repairs and calibrations
• Extends the operational life of TTU-205 assets
• Eliminates all soldering requirements for calibration

TTU-205/J Retrofit KitThe kit, which includes two (2) new printed circuit boards and a decal and decal set, can be installed in less than 30 minutes. The TTU-205J Kit Includes one (1) of each of the following:

TTU-205 A2 Enhanced Calibration Capability PCB, NSN: 5998-01-509-8040
• The A2 PCB increases system accuracy, automates calibrations and eliminates soldering requirements. This PCB does not affect the TTU-205’s firmware and there is no need to change the operational and/or functional test procedures. The PCB allows a PC or ADC-2500 Series Air Data Calibrator to control the TTU-205J, run automated tests and perform fully automated calibrations.

TTU-205 A1 Enhanced I/O PCB, NSN: 5998-01-515-9821
• The A1 PCB safeguards TTU-205 circuits from short circuiting, isolates fault problems and increase overall system reliability. This PCB provides enhanced reliability and repair-ability and features.

TTU-205/J Retrofit KitTTU-205J Decal & Marking Kit (P/N: TVCS-8001)
• Replaces the front panel identification plate as well as case decals with new TTU-205J designation.

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