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Mass Properties Measurement Services Laboratory

State-of-the-Art Laboratory Makes Mass Properties Testing Faster and More Efficient

Our 2,300 square foot, climate-controlled mass properties measurement lab in Connecticut allows us to better service our customers –  as a showroom, a classroom for our mass properties measurement and gimbal balancing seminars and as a valued measurement service provider.

We provide cost-effective mass properties services with faster turnaround times and greater efficiency. We identify and provide the best testing/measuring system to suit your measurement needs. Not only do we manufacture the most accurate mass properties test instruments in the world, but our expert lab technicians will also put them to use for you.

Our engineering team will work with you to build a test program that fully meets your measurement needs – schedule, accuracy, analysis, and reporting. Your engineers and technicians are welcome to participate in the testing, or you can hand the project over to our team of mass properties experts. Download our Measurement Services details.

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Aircraft Control Surface on KSR6000

Our Mass Properties Lab Services Include

  • Weight Measurement
  • Center of Gravity Measurement
  • Moment of Inertia (MOI) Measurement
  • Center of Gravity and Moment of Inertia
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Full Mass Properties
  • Force Balance Dynamometer
  • Center of Gravity and Inertia Tensor
  • Gimbaled Assembly Unbalance Measurement
  • Turbine Blade Moment Weight Measurement (Blade Balance)
  • Power Generation Turbine Balance
  • Aerospace Control Surface Testing

All measurement results are referenced to your datum and are certified traceable to the US NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). These lab measurement services are performed on a time-and-material cost basis. We can provide an estimate based on the time required to develop any required fixturing, make measurements and balance corrections (as required), and provide complete documentation.

Aircraft Control Surface on KSR6000

Raytheon TacSat3

Customized Fixtures and Accessories for Mass Properties Testing

In addition to these lab services, we provide test part fixturing and/or fixture design consultation as required. The same team that performs our comprehensive mass properties services can fabricate unique components to help position objects at your lab. Our experience in designing repeatable fixtures is an indispensable asset to those customers who are looking for the highest measurement accuracy.

In the spring of 2016 we embarked upon a major expansion project, increasing our test lab’s size to 2,300 square feet. This additional size enabled us to assemble an expanded suite of dedicated instruments to meet our client’s needs. These changes enable us to fully characterize the static and dynamic mass properties of everything from a computer hard drive armature weighing a few grams to an entire spacecraft weighing as much as 6,500 lb.



Raytheon TacSat3

Radar Cross Section Measurement Services

Our Radar Cross Section team will perform the entire measurement process for your test or help you optimize your procedure. Our experts can lead the measurement at your location or provide assistance as your team utilizes our products. Our systems are easy to use, but we are always available to help ensure the optimum performance of the imaging system, giving you the best results possible.

Our expertise is “bringing the measurement to you” and that is especially important to large targets. Our systems can be integrated to support drive around imaging measurements such as small walking carts or vehicles similar to vans. We are also experienced in performing airborne imaging from helicopters, private planes, and high-performance aircraft. Successful imaging has been provided for air to air, air to ground as well as shore to sea. Please reach out to discuss your specific measurement needs.

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