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Aerial view Crude oil tankerRaptor Scientific provides a number of products and services in support of naval surface and undersea warfare and submarine development. From center of buoyancy measurement instruments to igniter circuit testers, our expertise is ready to assist engineers in the development and evaluation of their products, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness when deployed.

Our mass properties measurement products have been a valued solution for developers of torpedoes,  missiles, ROVs, and other weapons systems for the Navy.  While we are well known for our mass properties work, we also offer center of buoyancy measurement instruments and towed sensor arrays as well as autonomous underwater vehicles. Additionally, our igniter circuit testers are approved by the US Department of Defense for failsafe measurement of the resistance and stray voltage in the multiple electrical circuit paths leading to critical components, like squibs, missiles, or rocket ignition.

Our Radar Cross Section (RCS) research and design efforts continue to advance the state of radar signature measurement for surface warfare ships. We provide full-spectrum support including engineering, field measurement, software development, and manufacturing of RCS measurement instruments.

Explore our product offerings to learn more about the use of our products and services in a marine environment.


Pressure Measurement Instruments

Pressure measurement instruments are used in the marine industry to monitor and control the pressure of various systems and components. They are crucial for ensuring the safe operation of hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and other critical equipment on naval vessels. These instruments help in detecting leaks, maintaining optimal pressure levels, and preventing system failures.

Temperature Measurement Instruments

Temperature measurement instruments are essential for monitoring and controlling the temperature of various systems and components in the marine industry. They are used to measure the temperature of engines, turbines, cooling systems, and other critical equipment. Accurate temperature measurement helps prevent overheating, optimizing performance, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of naval vessels.

Torque Measurement Instruments

Torque measurement instruments are used in the marine industry for various applications, such as tightening bolts, fasteners, and other mechanical connections. They ensure that the specified torque is applied accurately, preventing under or over-tightening, which can lead to equipment failure or structural damage. Torque measurement instruments help in maintaining the integrity and reliability of naval vessels.

Force Measurement Instruments

Force measurement instruments are utilized in the marine industry for various purposes, including load testing, structural analysis, and equipment calibration. They help in determining the forces acting on different components and structures, ensuring they can withstand the required loads and stresses. Force measurement instruments are crucial for ensuring the safety and durability of naval vessels.

Instrument Cleaning and Contamination Prevention Instruments

In the marine industry, instrument cleaning, and contamination prevention instruments are used to maintain the cleanliness and reliability of measurement instruments. Naval vessels operate in harsh environments, including saltwater, which can lead to corrosion and contamination of instruments. Cleaning instruments help in removing dirt, debris, and contaminants, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements. Contamination prevention instruments, such as filters and seals, help protect sensitive instruments from external elements, prolonging their lifespan and performance.

Overall, these measurement instruments and cleaning/prevention instruments play a vital role in supporting the marine industry by ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of naval vessels and their critical systems.