Mass Properties Measurement Seminars

Mass Properties Seminars in Berlin CTOur Mass Properties Measurement seminars have gained world-wide recognition. We are pleased to present our schedule for this year’s seminars at our Berlin, CT location. These seminars can also be scheduled at your plant.

Space Electronics is dedicated to providing high-quality, carefully planned training in the fields of Mass Properties and Balancing. Instruments are available for hands-on measurement exercises. Since class size is kept small, the seminars are customized to meet the needs of the participants. The seminars present a structured program and leave the last 1/2 day (or more) to specific application problems posed by the participants.

2021 Seminars

We look forward to bringing our seminars back this fall!

Mass Properties Measurement and Calculation Seminars

October 19 – 21, 2021 at our Berlin, CT facility.

Click here to download the Mass Properties Measurement Seminar registration form. Once completed, save it and return it to us via email or fax.

Air Data Test Systems Maintenance and Calibration Training

We offer training and familiarization courses both on-site and at our facility located in New Hampshire. TestVonics has provided on-site training in calibration labs and organizations worldwide. Typically our training courses cover theory of operation, maintenance and repair, calibration, troubleshooting techniques, and system level training.
  • TTU-205J Maintenance & Calibration Training
  • Automated TTU-205J Calibration using ADC-2500 Training
  • ADC-2500 Series Calibration Training
  • ADTS-3300 Series Maintenance & Calibration Training
  • ADTS-3100 Series Maintenance & Calibration Training

Air Data Test Set Operation and Calibration Training

This course provides technicians with training in operation, troubleshooting, calibration, and verification of flightline units; course will cover either the ADTS-3300 Series, ADTS-3150 Series or the TTU-205J.
Prerequisite: Basic background in operation of flightline Air Data Test Sets and measurement of pressure and air data systems recommended.
Typical Attendees: Avionics operators, PMEL technicians, calibration technicians, and installation technicians.
Duration: 2-3 days (depending on student background and experience)

ADC-2500 Series Calibration Course

This course provides technicians with training in operation, calibration, and verification of the proper operation and performance of the ADC-2500 Series Air Data Calibrators. User will also learn how to calibrate the TTU-205 using ADC-ECC or other test sets using the ADC-2500 software.
Prerequisite: Background in calibration, basic PC operation and measurement of pressure and air data systems.
Typical Attendees: PMEL technicians and, calibration technicians
Duration: 2 days (depending on student background and experience)

TTU-205 Maintenance, Repair and Calibration Training

This course provides training on how to quickly isolate problems with the TTU-205 pneumatics and electronics systems. This course includes a review of the TTU-205 theory of operation, as well as hands on system level troubleshooting training. An in-depth review of how the transducers, servo valves, pump, and other sub-systems interact through the servo phase lock loop. Technicians are trained on the latest adjustment, diagnostic, and measure techniques for heater circuit, servo gain and stability adjustments.
Prerequisite: Background in calibration and repair of Pressure-Temperature Test Set TTU-205.
Typical Attendees: Avionics technicians, PMEL technicians, Maintenance persons, calibration technicians, and installation technicians
Duration: 2-3 days (depending on student background and experience)

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