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Small Sat Payload on POI50

Raptor Scientific manufactures the most popular instrument for spacecraft testing centers worldwide, the KSR series instruments.  These combined instruments reduce handling of the spacecraft and the risks associated with it. The KSR instruments measure center of gravity and moment of inertia.

Our POI instruments measure center of gravity, moment of inertia, product of inertia, and dynamic unbalance. These are used for certain categories of spacecraft that require spin balancing or accurate knowledge of product of inertia.

Knowledge of the mass properties of a small satellite is essential to understanding its flight dynamics and adjusting its attitude control loop. Raptor Scientific instruments are ideal for center of gravity location of Cube Sats and small satellites, moment of intertia measurement, product of inertia, and for performing dynamic balancing.

Examples of our Satellite Work

Raytheon TacSat 3

The third in a series of U.S. military recon satellites (2009).

Raytheon TacSat3

Iridium Satellite Constellation

Provides voice and data coverage over the Earth’s entire surface (2007).

Iridium Satellite

NASA Lunar Explorer (LADEE)

Lunar exploration and technology demonstration mission (2013).

NASA Ladee

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