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Line Switching Units

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Pitot Static Line Switching Unit, Air Distribution System

The Line Switching Unit (LSU) is a multi-port distribution unit which can provide multiple outputs from a single channel of controlled pressure. The LSU Series distributes pitot and static outputs to the external hose assemblies for testing of aircraft Pitot and Static ports. The lightweight unit is housed in a highly durable and easy to maneuver case with wheels, perfect for flightline use.
  • Allows a single Pitot or Static input to distribute to multiple outputs with shutoff valves
  • Features Red (Static) and Blue (Pitot) Color Coded Ports & Valves
  • Compatible with all manufacturers Pitot Static and Air Data Test Sets
  • P/N: TVCS-LSU-PT4-PS4   4 Pitot / 4 Static output   NSN: 4920-01-661-5436
  • P/N: TVCS-LSU-PT6-PS6   6 Pitot / 6 Static output
  •  P/N: TVCS-LSU-PT4-PS8  4 Pitot / 8 Static output

The Line Switching Unit Series can significantly enhance operation of TestVonics, or any other manufacturer’s, Air Data or Pitot Static Test Sets. The LSU is designed for use with both commercial and military aircraft. The panel features color-coded manual On/Off shutoff valves to connect the air data test system to Captain, First Officer and Auxiliary pitot-static systems (or other) at the same time. The LSU can save test time for performing multiple system air data tests. This increases aircraft availability and reduces testing time, which reduces costs. Each of the Pitot and Static outputs can be fully isolated to allow independent system testing, which is often required.

The front panel features either four (4) or six (6) outputs. On/Off valves allow for ease of use and the operator can quickly identify if an output is open or closed. All outputs feature color coded shutoff valves and dust caps. The LSU does not require any power to operate and it is housed in rugged lightweight case with retractable handle and wheels for ease of transport.

Available Accessories
Each Line Switching Unit is available with standard or custom length hose assemblies per customer specification. Pitot Static Adapters and complete Kits are also available for most civil, commercial and military aircraft. Contact TestVonics with your specific requirement.

Line Switching Unit Series

Line Switching Unit Series

Line Switching Unit Series Manuals
Manuals are not available for download from the website at this time. Please contact us directly to request manuals.

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