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TTU-205 Series Test Set

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TTU-205 Series Pressure Temperature Test Set

The TTU-205 Series are rugged, self-contained flight line test systems which can be used to accurately simulate in flight pressure conditions. This is done by precisely controlling and measuring Altitude and Airspeed pressure to aircraft’s pitot static system. The TTU-205 can be used to test, certify, calibrate, and troubleshoot aircraft pitot-static systems or associated pneumatic flight control systems. The dual channel operation allows operators to perform dynamic, qualitative calibration and leak test for “on ground” simulation of altitude and airspeed pressures. The accuracy and operational capabilities meets or exceeds test requirements for military as well as commercial aircraft. The TTU-205/J model is an RVSM compliant test set.
  • Rugged and durable test set designed for the flight line
  • Raptor Scientific offers both Factory New and Factory Overhauled TTU-205 systems
  • TTU-205J P/N: 200317658-30 | NSN: 4920-01-512-7743  (Current Model)
  • TTU-205D P/N: 18910480000 | NSN: 4920-01-141-0974

The TTU-205 Series Pressure-Temperature Test Sets are generate regulated Pitot (Pt) and Static (Ps) pressure and simulate precise temperatures for evaluating aircraft pneumatic instruments, air data systems and auxiliary equipment. The test sets can be used to conduct dynamic tests, quantitative calibration tests and pneumatic leak tests. These test sets can be used to test, certify, calibrate, and troubleshoot aircraft pitot-static systems or associated pneumatic flight control systems. One of four operating modes can be selected by the front panel control switch.

The key elements in the test sets are the two resonant frequency transducers which sense the pressures at the Pitot and Static output ports. The microprocessor based electronics compare the commanded pressures and pressure rates with the transducer pressure signals and in turn drive the two pneumatic servo control valves to establish the correct pressure and pressure rates at the output ports.

The commanded pressure and pressure rates are selected by their respective thumbwheel switches (except for the TTU-205B/E and C/E) on the front panel. The measured pressures are displayed on the six digital incandescent displays (not on TTU-205B/E and C/E). All commands and displays are in feet or knots in their respective channel.

Safety and Protection

These test sets contain several safety features to ensure fail-safe operation. These includes an automatic startup procedure which protects the instrument under test from dangerous surges and transients. Proper startup is therefore completely independent of the prevailing ambient atmospheric pressure. Monitoring of the overall operation of the test sets are continuously performed by the micro-processor. Should a failure occur in either the hardware or the software the unit automatically goes into REST and the unit under test is vented at a controlled rate. Mach Limit setting ability is also provided to protect the UUT.

Controls for modulating the two channels as well as switches to perform the leak test on the UUT. The test set is a single integral unit, self-contained within its case. It has a cover compartment for storage of all accessories (Power Cord, Ps hose, Pt hose, Vacuum hose, and Ground Strap). All interior components of the test set, including the pressure/vacuum pump assembly, are mounted in a single framework attached to the control panel, so that they can be removed with the control panel and be completely exposed for maintenance.

TTU-205J Standardization and Automated Calibration

The TTU-205J Standardization Program was introduced in 2003, so far over 1,300 USAF, FMS and other military and commercial TTU-205 test sets have been standardized to the TTU-205/J. The hardware upgrade allows the TTU-205J to achieve higher accuracies and automates calibration routines. All TTU-205D, F, G, and H models can be easily upgraded to the TTU-205/J configuration with a Retrofit Kit (P/N: TVCS-5200). TestVonics Enhanced Calibration Capability (ECC) software, which is available on the ADC-2500 calibrator, writes new point by point correction data to the PROM and eliminates all soldering and jumper strap corrections.

TTU-205 Part Number Cross Reference

The TTU-205 Series has gone through several models number configurations. The current model is the TTU-205J. Below are all of the TTU-205 models for cross reference.TTU-205C/E P/N: 18910010000 NSN:4920-00-489-9110

  • TTU-205/D P/N: 18910480000 NSN: 4920-01-141-0974
  • TTU-205/D P/N: 18910480002 NSN: 4920-00-931-1457
  • TTU-205/F P/N: 18910480001 NSN: 4920-01-214-2410
  • TTU-205/G P/N: 18910480008 NSN: 4920-00-000-0190
  • TTU-205/H P/N: 18910480104 NSN: 4920-01-466-1502
  • TTU-205/G P/N: 18910480008 NSN: 4920-00-000-0190
  • TTU-205S/S P/N: 18910460000 NSN: 4920-01-247-9723
  • TTU-205/J P/N: 200317658-30 NSN: 4920-01-512-7743 (current configuration)
  • Flightline Maintenance Test Set P/N: 18910460000 NSN: 4920-01-247-9723
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Gray 120 VAC) , P/N: 18910840000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Green 120 VAC) , P/N: 18910841000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Gray 220 VAC), P/N: 18910840100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Green 220 VAC), P/N: 18910841100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910830000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910831000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910830100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910831100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910850000

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