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Turn-Key Air Data Test Solutions

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Complete Air Data Solutions

Raptor offers complete Air Data Solutions for both commercial and military organizations. These packages include everything the end-user needs to test, calibrate and re-certify a variety of air data equipment. Packages vary and may include the following:
  • High Precision Air Data Calibrator
  • Test Set Support Equipment (ie MCTS, PVT)
  • Vacuum and Pressure Sources
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Pitot & Static Hose and Test Cable Assemblies
  • Pre-Configured Rackmount Enclosures Available

tvcs-5500-2We offer complete Air Data Solutions tailored to our customers requirements. A full turn-key solution eliminates the guess work and provides the customer with everything they need to test. Solutions range from calibrators, to universal power supplies, vacuum and pressure sources, and more. TestVonics can then install the components into a rackmount for a total Air Data solution. When the assembly arrives, simply unpack it, power it on and you are set to go.

Air Data CalibrationSolutions typically include:

• Air Data Calibrator (ADC-2500 Series, ADC-2550 Series, ADTS-1555 Series)
• Calibrator Test Programs for specific testing requirements
• Vacuum and Pressure Source (separate units or rackmount VPU-1000 Series)
• Universal Power Supply (TVCS-1350 or TVCS-1351 Series)
• Rackmount Enclosure (available with keyboard & mouse tray, shelves, drawers, etc.)
• External Touchscreen Monitor with adjustable arm mount
• Custom Hose Sets and moretvcs-5500-3

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