TTU-205 Remote Control Unit

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The TTU-205 Remote Control Unit (RCU) enables complete testing of air data instrumentation from within the cockpit. The operator can select both Airspeed and Altitude commands directly from the RCU front panel, while maintaining visual contact on the instruments under tested.
  • For use with any TTU-205/D, TTU-205/F, TTU-205/G, TTU-205/H or TTU-205/J test set
  • Control both Altitude and Airspeed with nearly identical controls
  • Available in Yellow, Olive Drab Green and Gray
  • Olive Drab RCU , P/N: 18910470003 , NSN:4920-01-145-5022
  • Yellow RCU, P/N: 17910470010, NSN:4920-01-145-5022

Remote Control UnitThe TTU-205 Remote Control unit (RCU) enables complete testing of air data instrumentation from within the cockpit. A technician can select both airspeed and altitude commands from the RCU’s front panel while maintaining visual contact of the instruments being tested.

The rugged and lightweight and RCU’s portability makes it an ideal tool for troubleshooting problems. Additionally, it can minimize potential instrument damage by allowing technicians to simultaneously control the test equipment while keeping an eye on the instrument under test. It can also reduce overall maintenance costs by substantially cutting the time it takes to troubleshoot and test an instrument.
Remote Control Unit
• 50 ft Remote Control Cable included
• Rugged, yet lightweight – the RCU weighs only 5.5 lbs
• Available in Yellow, Green or Gray. Call for availability.

TTU-205 Remote Control Unit Brochure

TTU-205 Remote Control Unit

TTU-205 Remote Control Unit Manual 

Manuals are not available for download from the website at this time. Please contact TestVonics directly to request manuals

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