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Pitot Static Hose Assemblies

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Pitot and Static Hose Assemblies

Raptor offers a variety of Pitot and Static hose assemblies for a variety of testing applications. Standard and custom hoses are available for nearly any application. Customs hose kits can be designed and built to customers specifications. Additionally, hoses can be supplied with standard or custom fittings, tees, manifolds, shut-offs valves, and or Pitot Static adaptors.
  • Standard and custom hose lengths available
  • Pitot (Pt), Static (Ps), Source Vacuum, Source Pressure
  • Assemblies use flexible MIL-DTL-5593E aircraft hose designed for air data applications
  • Replacement TTU-205 Pitot and Static hose assemblies
  • Replacement ADTS405F and ADTS415F Pitot and Static hoses – replace leak-prone OEM hoses
  • Send us your specific requirement or specification for more information
Accessory Hose SetsTTU-205 Leak Tune-Up Kit, Part No. TVCS-6500-1

The Leak Tune-Up Kit has been a popular product among many repair activities servicing the TTU-205. When leaks are found, it allows repair technicians the ability to eliminate the frustration of tracking down a leak in the hosing of the TTU-205. Some leaks can take hours to track down and many times technicians inadvertently create new leaks during the troubleshooting process. Many leaks in the TTU-205 pneumatic system are caused from over torque, cross channel leakage, defective, cracked or split flared fittings. The TTU-205 Leak Tune-Up Kit quickly eliminates these frustrating problems.

Accessory Hose SetsThe Tune-Up Kits are available for the TTU-205/D, F, G, H, and J test sets and the Flight Line Maintenance Test Set (FLMTS). The Tune-Up Kit replaces old hoses, o-rings and valves with new leak tight assemblies. The Kit includes a full set of Static (Ps), Pitot (Pt), Qc assemblies. The entire kit of hardware can be installed in less than 1 Hour. The kit also includes an Instruction CD that provides a step-by-step procedure on replacing the pitot and static hoses. TestVonics Leak Tune-Up Kit provides the following benefits:
• Replacement hoses help eliminate leaks
• Replaces aging and defective pneumatic assemblies
• Lowers operator troubleshooting time for repair
• Lowers turn-around time

Accessory Hose SetsTTU-205 Accessory Hoses and Custom Hose Sets
Raptor offers a variety of replacement and custom hose assemblies for a variety of testing applications. We can create custom hoses and/or hose sets for most applications. Customs hose kits can be made from drawings supplied by the customer or we can generate drawings based on your requirements. In addition hoses can be supplied with special fittings, branches, or even Pitot Static adaptors. Call us today with your requirement.
Leak Tune-Up Kit Brochure
Leak Tune-Up Kit Installation Instructions
Manuals are not available for download from the website at this time. Please contact us directly to request manuals.

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