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TTU-205, PPCM and FLMTS Spare Parts

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Maintenance Kits and Spare Parts

Raptor stocks both new and overhauled spare parts and assemblies for all TTU-205 testers. All overhauled parts have been fully tested to comply with OEM standards and come with a Certificate of Conformance and warranty. Spares are available for the TTU-205C/E, TTU-205/D, TTU-205/F, TTU-205/G, TTU-205G/E, TTU-205/H, TTU-205/J, and FLMTS. Call today for a quote, most items are in stock and can usually ship directly to you within 1-2 business days.
  • Full stock of TTU-205/D, TTU-205/F, TTU-205/H and TTU-205/J parts
  • Kollsman PPCM, HMADTS, and Vacuum Pressure Unit parts available
  • New and Overhauled parts available for many items
  • All overhauled parts and assemblies are 100% tested
  • Certificate of Conformance and Warranty ship with all items

Below is a list of some of the spare parts that we offer. This is NOT a complete listing, it is some of the more frequently ordered parts. If a part is not listed below, call us for availability

DescriptionNational Stock No.Part No.
Airspeed Control Assembly5998-00-659-132417910010280
Airspeed Module4920-00-659-1339A4450000001
Altitude Control Assembly5998-00-659-135317910010260
Altitude Module4920-00-421-7726A4449000001
Altitude Sensor6695-00-659-1326A4057080801
Altitude/Airspeed Module Assembly4920-01-362-848617910460100
Amplifier, Electronic Control6110-00-189-232268202000101
Amplifier, Electronic Control6110-00-189-232268202000101
Cable Assembly, Electrical Power6150-01-227-152717910480070
Cable Assembly, Temp Simulator6150-01-109-579017910010020
Cap,Quick Disconnect4730-00-242-31816910-059
Cap,Quick Disconnect4730-00-242-31826910-060
Cap,Quick Disconnect4730-00-409-87856902-005
Circuit Breaker71010009001
Circuit Card, Control Valve5998-01-223-237717904400031
Computer PWB, Assembly5998-01-236-380017910460060
Computer PWB, Assembly5998-01-369-451517910469607
Controller, PWB Assembly5998-01-237-042617910013070
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect4730-00-242-30026811-129
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect4730-00-242-30036811-130
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect4730-00-349-90626811-131
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect4730-00-265-71406811-132
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect4730-00-242-30036903-041
Demod-Monitor Assembly5998-00-659-132517910010300
Display PWB Assembly5998-01-237-230717910013010
Electronic Comp Assembly5998-01-111-270717910010250
Extended (Remote) I/O PWB, Assembly5998-01-236-953517910460110
Front Panel Assembly87444900150
Geared Motor Generator75004000501
Ground Strap5340-01-288-592217910460210
Hose Assembly4720-01-217-803817910469101
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-592617910469102
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-592717910469103
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-592417910469104
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-592517910469105
Hose Assembly4720-01-223-778217910469106
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-592317910469107
Hose Assembly4720-01-223-778117910469108
Hose Assembly4720-01-217-803817910469109
Hose Assembly4720-01-233-169217910469110
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-598117910469111
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-598217910469112
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-598317910469113
Hose Assembly4720-01-223-777717910469114
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-593117910469115
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-598517910469116
Hose Assembly4720-01-288-598417910469117
Hose Assembly4720-01-160-608571010625003
Hose Assembly4720-00-683-899071010625002
Hose Assembly4720-01-157-802971010625001
Input/Output PWB, Assembly5998-01-236-375317910013050
Logic Driver Assembly5998-00-659-372817910010230
Low Frequency Gen5998-00-659-372617910010090
Mother PWB Assembly17910460080
Motor Assembly17920030041
Pneumatics Assembly1650-00-617-510817910010210
Potentiometer & Switch Assembly5905-00-260-162568410024701
Power Supply6130-01-345-739471011676001
Power Supply4920-00-187-065068417007801
Printed Circuit Board Assembly5998-00-497-309985444900180
Printed Circuit Board Assembly5998-00-497-310085445000070
Ps Transducer & PROM Set4920-01-244-301117910469302
Pt Transducer & PROM Set4920-01-242-334417910469301
Pump, Motor Driven4310-00-186-071071010006001
Pump, Pressure Vacuum4310-00-186-071071010006001
Regulated Power Supply5998-00-659-372717910010110
Relay Logic Assembly5998-00-497-309817910010320
Relay Oscillator PWB Assembly5998-01-272-881617910460130
Servo Gear Box4920-01-064-603487444900010
Servo Gear Box4920-01-064-605087445000010
Synchrotel, Coarse4920-00-187-055985405700140
Synchrotel, Fine4920-00-187-055785405700120
Thumbwheel PWB Assembly5998-01-244-317417910013030
Transducer, Pressure Ps6695-01-288-5192A4554000009
Transducer, Pressure Pt6695-01-288-5193A4554000010
Unregulated Power Supply Assembly5998-00-230-666417910010140
Valve And Manifold Assembly4810-01-379-526117910460240
Valve, Check4820-01-221-8849259A-4TT.2
Valve, Servo4810-01-219-368471011129012
Valve, Solenoid4810-00-153-097468305002801
Valve, Solenoid4810-01-218-461516904400220
Valve, Solenoid4810-01-288-597417904400350
Circuit Card Assembly, Control Valve Torquer Driver5998-01-223-237717904400031
Fitting And Restrictor Assembly4730-01-218-286417904400340
PWB Assembly, CPU5998-01-220-403917905810180
PWB Assembly, Miscellaneous5998-01-218-387317905810190
PWB Assembly, Mode5998-01-223-385517905810110
PWB Assembly, Single Channel Ps Controller5998-01-218-929217906010102
PWB Assembly, Single Channel Pt Controller5998-01-218-522717906010103
Servo Valve, Ps4810-01-218-252671011129011
Servo Valve, Pt4810-01-219-368471011129012
Transducer And Prom Matched Set, Pt6695-01-219-983017905810300
Valve, Bi-Directional Solenoid Ps4810-01-219-4247AF59C-151
Valve, Pressure Relief4820-01-032-5699D559A-4D-1
Valve, Solenoid Assembly Pt4810-01-288-597417904400350
Service Life Extension Kit, Vacuum Pump225600
Cap And Screen Assembly4310-00-523-5225225006
O-Ring Ms28775-010150621
O-Ring Ms28775-017150625
O-Ring Ms28775-033150628
Poppet,Outlet Manifold4820-00-428-2123225137
Pressure/Vacuum Pump Assembly225610
Spring, Exhaust5360-00-405-2872225135
Tappet,Engine Poppet Valve2805-01-349-6373225620
Valve Plate Assembly4310-00-546-1860225007
Parts Kit,Vacuum Pump4310-01-235-5187225635
Grease (6 Oz)MOBIL #28
Name Plate225643
O-Ring Ms28775-010150621
O-Ring Ms28775-016150624
O-Ring Ms28775-017150625
O-Ring Ms28775-021150626
O-Ring Ms28775-033150628
Piston Shim 0.002225607-1
Piston Shim 0.003225607-2
Piston Shim 0.004225607-3
Piston Shim 0.006225607-5
Poppet, Disc Assembly4820-00-428-2123225137
Ring Guide4820-01-223-3686225611
Screw, Ms51959-29151044
Seal Ring5330-01-290-3971225612
Sleeve, Pump4310-00-431-7677225103
Sprint, Exhaust5360-00-405-2872225135
Valve Plate Assembly4310-00-546-1860225007

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