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Blade Distribution Software

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Moment Distribution Software

Blade sorting software designed to minimize rotor unbalance. We offer two additional pieces of software:

  • Blade classification software sorts the blades into bins according to their moment weight values.
  • Blade distribution software sorts the blades to minimize rotor unbalance.

Moment distribution software for our moment weight scales is a measurement software for calibration of the scale and measurement of individual blades. Moment weight values are stored in the software database. Optional blade classification and blade distribution software are called from within the measurement software.

Blade classification software works within the measurement program to report blade moment weight in terms of an alphabetical or numerical designation based on the incremental difference between the moment weight of the given blade and the nominal moment weight for that type of blades. The format is selectable between the most common alphabetical method where nominal is designated as MM or a numerical format where the nominal is assigned as class -0-. The class designation is a higher or lower combination of letters or a higher or lower number based on moment weight. In either format, the moment increment for a class is defined by the user.

Our Blade Distribution Software analyzes data from a completed blade set and prints a distribution report that details the blade serial numbers and the rotor positions in which they should be mounted. This distribution results in the lowest residual rotor unbalance. A low residual unbalance simplifies the task of balancing the completed assembly and minimizes the size of balancing weights.

Hub unbalance, if known, can be entered into the distribution software, and the blades will be distributed to correct for the hub unbalance. This reduces the corrections that need to be made when balancing the entire stage after assembly.

Our blade distribution software also takes into account fixed blades and locking blades.

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