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XKR Moment of Inertia Small-Payload

Product Details

The XKR moment of inertia measurement instruments are extremely accurate moment of inertia measurement instruments. The XKR offers measurement accuracies better than 0.1% for objects weighing a few grams up to 5 lb (2.3 kg). Dedicated to small payloads, XKR series will measure parts as small as the balance wheel of a watch (1 x 10-6 lb-in2 minimum). Payloads weighing up to 5 lb can be measured with these instruments.

Measurement Accuracy of 0.1%

Construction is similar to the XR series instruments, except these instruments use air bearing technology.

  • Options & Accessories
  • Computer control
  • Spare parts
  • MOI through CG software: calculate MOI passing through the CG without knowing the CG location

For more payload capacity please refer to our XR series or GB series.

ModelPayload Capacity (lbs.)Overturning Moment (lb.-in)Maximum CG Height (part wt@CG height)Tare MOI
MOI Accuracy
(% of reading + lb-in2)
Shipping Weight (lb.)
XKR02A0.210.2 lb. @ 2″0.00160.1% + 1×10-750
XKR02B0.210.2 lb. @ 2″0.00161% + 7×10-750
XKR1A1.041 lb. @ 3″0.00760.1% + 1.5×10-650
XKR1B1.041 lb. @ 3″0.00761% + 1.5×10-650
XKR5B5.085 lb. @ 4″0.0230.1% + 1.3×10-550

Moment of Inertia Instruments


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