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Raptor Scientific SE90168 instruments provide rapid center of gravity measurement of items under 300 lb / 140 kg. Designed as an entry point into center of gravity measurement, they use conventional technology to measure payloads from 2 to 125 lbs with medium accuracy.

Models offer rapid measurements of items under 300 lbs. Weight and CG can be measured simultaneously using one of our SE90168 Series instruments. The SE90168 Series of weight and CG instruments is designed for the rapid measurement of weight and CG with the level of accuracy associated with a high-volume production environment. Four standard models deliver medium accuracy and convenience. SE90168 instruments can take a dual-axis measurement once an object is positioned onto the square or triangular plate. Similar to the WCG Series, SE90168 instruments can measure a third CG coordinate. Automated operation software makes CG measurement a seamless process.

These instruments use the multi-point weighing method to simultaneously measure both weight and two coordinates of center of gravity. The operator may simply rotate the payload by 90 degrees to obtain the third coordinate of CG.

Ease of Use: It takes less than one minute to measure weight and two coordinates of center of gravity.

Automated: The computer system included with the system guides the operator through the measurement sequence. Weight and center of gravity coordinates are calculated by the computer and displayed on the screen.

Powerful software features: The SE90168 instruments are provided with a computer and software. Our measurement and calibration software has the following features:

  • Built-in tare and part measurement allows the operator to tare out any fixture
  • Guided measurement sequence with instructions provided on screen
  • Direct display of weight and two axis coordinates of CG – no calculation needed
  • Guided calibration sequence with instructions provided on screen – works with any calibrated weight
  • User defined units, metric or imperial
  • CG Results displayed in user defined reference system (datum translation and axes rotation)
  • Optional 3D database to construct a CG measurement record in 3 dimensions

Calibration Standard: A precision weight to calibrate the instrument is available as an option for those customers who do not have a weight standard available.

Model NumberPayload Weight Range (test part + fixture)Weight Measurement AccuracyCenter of Gravity Measurement AccuracyInterface Plate Shape and Dimensions
SE90168-251 to 25 lb
(0.45 to 11.3 kg)
0.01 lb + 0.3% of measured value
(5 g + 0.3% of measured value)
+/- 0.040 inches
(+/- 1 mm)
Square 18″ x 18″
(457 mm x 457 mm)
SE90168-602 to 60 lb
(0.9 to 27 kg)
0.01 lb + 0.3% of measured value
(5 g + 0.3% of measured value)
+/- 0.040 inches
(+/- 1 mm)
Square 18″ x 18″
(457 mm x 457 mm)
SE90168-12510 to 120 lb
(4.5 to 54 kg)
0.03 lb + 0.5% of measured value
(15 g + 0.5% of measured value)
+/- 0.04 inch for payloads over 30 lb
+/- 0.06 inch for payloads between 10 and 30 lb
(+/- 1 mm for payloads over 13.6 kg
+/- 1.5 mm for payloads between 4.5 and 13.6 kg )
Square 18″ x 18″
(457 mm x 457 mm)
SE90168-30050 to 300 lb
(22.7 to 136 kg)
0.06 lb + 0.3% of measured value
(30 g + 0.3% of measured value)
+/- 0.060 inches
(+/- 1.5 mm)
Triangular 30.7″ x 35.5″
(780 mm x 902 mm)

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