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These compact instruments are ideal for very small items (e.g., bullets) and record CG to +/-0.002′. The SE199 and SE300 models are designed to measure weight and precisely locate the CG of very small test objects along a single axis (dual-axis versions of these instruments are also available). They are particularly well suited for locating the axial position of the center of gravity of bullets and other small projectiles. The CG of a typical small-caliber bullet can be determined within +/- .002 inches.

The pair of microbalance models are simple to set up and operate for gathering weight and CG data from many payload tests in succession. With the help of our active moment transducers, moment sensitivity up to 0.01 g-mm is obtainable — a degree that far outperforms other instruments of this type. With proper fixturing, the CG of hard drive heads, gyro rotors, small turbine buckets, and other small objects can also be accurately determined. These instruments use the active moment transducer concept developed to achieve a sensitivity that is 100 times greater than usually possible with an instrument of this type.


Moment sensitivity: as good as 0.01 g-mm can be obtained.

Minimal setup and measurement time: This instrument is ideal for customers who need to measure dozens or hundreds of payloads.

Controller: This instrument is controlled by a computer that automates calibration, measurement, and result calculation. All measurement results are stored in a database.

Simple operation: Step-by-step procedures on the computer screen guide the operator through the determination of weight and center of gravity.

Printer: An optional printer can be provided to print test reports.

Maximum Payload Weight (including fixture)100 g500 g
Full Scale Moment500 g-mm200 g-cm
Weight Measurement Sensitivity+/- 0.005 g+/- 0.01 g
Moment Measurement Sensitivity+/- 0.01 g-mm+/- 0.1 g-mm
Moment Measurement Linearity0.1% of measured value0.1% of measured value

Typical Applications

  • Hard Drive Actuators
  • Bullets and Projectiles

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