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Weight, two coordinates of CG, and MOI all in one setup; 100 to 6,500 lb / 45 to 3,000 kg. The MP Series instruments are designed for ease of use and speed of measurement and are intended for those applications that do not require the highest accuracy. For higher accuracy Mass Properties measurement we recommend our KSR Series.

Mass Properties Made Easy: Our MP series of instruments measure in one setup the weight of the payload, two coordinates of the center of gravity location, and one moment of inertia.

Portability: Our MP instruments are self-contained instruments that are easy to transport and easy to set up. They are particularly well suited to field measurements.

Speed of measurement: As no rotation is required to make center of gravity measurement, the operator can measure weight, 2 coordinates of center of gravity and moment of inertia in about one minute.

Measurement concept:

– Weight and Center of Gravity: These instruments use the multi-point weighing method to simultaneously measure both weight and CG. Less than one minute is required to make a measurement, so these instruments are ideally suited to high volume production.

– Moment of Inertia: The instrument uses a flat gas thrust bearing to support the test part weight, a cylindrical bearing for precise centering, and a torsion rod as a rotational spring. To measure MOI, the test table is manually rotated through a small angle and held against a fixed stop. When released, the table will oscillate freely since the load is supported and centered by a nearly frictionless gas bearing. A digital timer determines the period of oscillation.

Automated Operation: A Windows based computer system is provided with the MP6500 system. The MP6500 operating software prompts the user through the testing sequence, acquires data, calculates results and generates a report.

Calibration hardware provided: Each MP instrument comes with calibration hardware certified to NIST.

Gas Supply: A source of pressurized nitrogen or dry clean air capable of delivering 2 CFM at 75 PSI must be provided for the operation of the gas bearing. For locations that do not have a permanent nitrogen line or oil-less dry airline, this gas can be supplied from a Raptor Scientific Instrument Air Supply. (Note: Shop air usually contains oil and water and is not acceptable.)

  • Options & Accessories
    • Air supply
    • Explosion proofing
    • Other accessories
  • Fixtures
  • Custom Fixtures
  • L Adapter fixture for measuring payloads in a horizontal orientation
Recommended Payload Range85 – 1100 lbs500 – 6500 lbs
MOI Measurement Accuracy0.25% + 1.0 lb-in20.25% + 2.5 lb-in2
CG Measurement Accuracy (at maximum payload weight)+/- 0.1 in+/- 0.1 in
Weight Measurement Accuracy+/- 2.5 lb+/- 10 lb
Maximum CG offset from machine reference2.0 in4.0 in
Interface Plate Diameter16 in26 in

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