Raptor Scientific Announces Acquisition of Sensor Concepts, Inc.

sci logo on white
October 29, 2020

Sensor Concepts, Inc. is a leading provider of radar cross-section (RCS) measurements with emphasis on radar systems, data reduction and analysis, algorithm development, and field measurements Raptor Scientific (“Raptor”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired Sensor Concepts, Inc. (“Sensor Concepts” or the “Company”) as it continues to pursue an aggressive M&A strategy consolidating […]

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COVID-19 Information

Covid Notice Graphic
October 27, 2020

We wanted to provide you with an update concerning Raptor Scientifics business continuity in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. As you know, the coronavirus presents an unprecedented and evolving situation. As we continue to monitor and respond to all developments, we want to reassure you that Raptor Scientific has the necessary plans in place […]

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Raptor Scientific Acquires Space Electronics

space electronics logo on white
September 22, 2019

Space Electronics is pleased to announce their acquisition by Raptor Scientific, an engineering and development company aimed at consolidating the highly fragmented Aerospace & Defense focused testing and measurement market. Space Electronics, the premier provider of mass properties instruments and services utilized in mission-critical applications, will continue to maintain operations in Berlin, Connecticut, under the […]

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Spring 2016 Newsletter – New Mass Properties Measurement Services Laboratory

August 11, 2016

Raptor Scientifics will open our new Measurement Services Laboratory at our Berlin, Connecticut facility in Q3 2016. This laboratory will feature many of our standard mass properties instruments and give customers the option to have your products tested at Raptor Scientifics. You can also test-drive the equipment and/or train new operators. Raptor Scientifics can quote […]

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Summer 2016 Newsletter – New SQB Series of Multi-Channel Igniter Circuit Testers

Raptor Scientific’ new Multi-Channel Igniter Circuit Testers—the SQB Series—are now in use with major space and defense contractors around the world. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Textron rely on our testers to assure the operational readiness of weapon system squib firing circuits and other electromechanical devices. The SQB family of instruments supports from 8 through 1,024 […]

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Fall 2016 Newsletter – Measurement Lab Now Open

Mass Properties Measurement Laboratory

To Our Measurement Services Customers: Our New Mass Properties Laboratory Now Open for Your Measurement Needs Thank you for relying on Raptor Scientific to perform contract mass properties measurement services. We value your business highly, so want to share with you the exciting news that our new and vastly expanded Measurement Services Lab is now […]

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Winter 2017 Newsletter – The Frictionless Air Bearing

August 11, 2017

Raptor Scientific manufactures large precision air bearings that offer ideal space simulator platforms for testing attitude control systems in satellites and cubesats. Spherical air bearings provide a cable pass-through to allow inter-connection between payloads mounted on opposite ends. Hemispherical air bearings are provided with a bolt pattern on the flat top surface. Our standard bearings […]

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Spring 2017 Newsletter – Measuring Center of Buoyancy


Understanding mass properties, such as center of gravity, makes it possible to design and build stable objects and to predict their performance in a medium such as air or water. With aircraft, the center of lift is the point where the sum total of all lift generated by parts, principally by wings, control surfaces, and […]

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Summer 2017 Newsletter – Weight and CG of Large Objects and Spacecraft

Boeing CST-100 Starliner Weight and CG of Large Objects and Spacecraft

Measuring Weight and Center of Gravity of Large Objects and Spacecraft Measuring the center of gravity (CG) of large objects or spacecraft presents many of the typical problems associated with measuring CG of smaller objects. Some of these issues are commonly: constructing an instrument with known geometry, repeatability of said geometry under a wide array […]

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Winter 2018 Newsletter – The Spacecraft Positioner: A New Fixture for Determining All Mass Properties of a Spacecraft Without Spinning

Space Craft positioner
August 11, 2018

Spacecraft are frequently moved and reoriented during assembly and ground testing, bringing with each move the risk of physical damage. During mass properties testing, a spacecraft will typically be oriented vertically and horizontally as well as rolled horizontally to obtain moment of inertia about the three axes. When product of inertia has to be determined, […]

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