Fall 2019 Newsletter – The Importance of Understanding Mass Properties for Hypersonics and Missile Technology

The extreme velocities and maneuvering accelerations of hypersonic vehicle flight profiles require that the mass properties of these type of objects are well-known and not just simply calculated. Any error or uncertainty can result in a failed mission. Given the national strategic importance, and the correspondingly rapid development rate of hypersonics, Space Electronics is well positioned to meet the mass properties requirements of emerging hypersonic applications. Space Electronics has a suite of instruments available for research and development, as well as for production line measurements. We have a fully equipped Measurement Services Laboratory ready to quickly respond to your evolving measurement needs.

Space Electronics is the world leader in providing accurate mass properties measurements. The KSR and POI series of instruments are without peer in measuring Center of Gravity (CG), Moment of Inertia (MOI), and Product of Inertia (POI). Each instrument features a high dynamic range capability meaning that their sensitivity advantage can be utilized across a wide range of payload sizes. Instrument performance is so high that in most cases the measurement accuracy is defined by the payload fixturing.

Our POI and KSR series of instruments are capable of measuring two axes of CG and one axis of MOI in a single setup, thus reducing time needed to complete the work and saving cost. These instruments provide measurement accuracy better than 0.1% for both properties. The POI series adds the additional capability to give a 95% reduction ratio of the measured dynamic unbalance in the same setup. To achieve these values, we use our proprietary air bearings carefully coupled to state of the art transducers. We also offer many options from custom fixtures to tilt translation tables enabling the user to further reduce the setup and measurement time and reduce errors and uncertainties. All of our products will provide unprecedented measurement capability required to achieve mission success in the field of hypersonics.

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