Winter 2019 Newsletter – Benefits of Adding Weight Correction Software and Drive/Read to Your Gimbal Balance Station

When measuring a gimbal’s unbalance, the results are compared to a set tolerance. If the unbalance exceeds the amount allowed, it must be corrected. Correction is done by adding, moving, or removing ballast weight, and then measuring again. This becomes a time-consuming iterative process. Space Electronics Weight Correction Software automatically calculates a balance correction solution based on defined ballast increments and locations for your gimbal. The result is a savings of hours or even days of time.Another available feature for your Gimbal Balance station is a Drive/Read Interface. This provides a method to remotely drive the test gimbal to each of the required measurement positions and read back the actual achieved angle positions. Like Weight Correction Software, Drive/Read Interfacing is customized to your gimbal design.With both of these options, your gimbal balancing process is optimized for speed and accuracy.

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Model GM904

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Some of our Valued Customers in Q4

  • Silveron Industries – 101-5HJ-NAV Igniter Circuit Tester
  • TECT – Mass Properties Measurement Services
  • Assurance Technologies – Mass Properties Measurement Services
  • Utah University Research Foundation – Model XR250 Moment of Inertia Instrument
  • Raytheon – 101-SQB-RAK Igniter Circuit Tester

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