Spring 2019 Newsletter – Benefits of Mass Property Measurements of Helmets and VR Goggles

Advancements in helmet-mounted electronics and VR goggles create larger and heavier head-mounted devices. Measuring and controlling the mass properties of head-mounted devices is critical to avoiding head, neck and spine injuries. Raptor Scientific is working with government and industry leaders to develop the best fixturing solutions for CG and MOI measurement while maintaining high accuracy. Fixture design specifications are instrumental in understanding the mass properties, and Raptor Scientific can help avoid the possible pitfalls through our engineering expertise. Our instruments provide unsurpassed accuracy in mass properties measurements.Call us today for more information regarding our Helmet and VR Goggle fixturing design consultation and mass properties measurement capabilities. (860) 829-0001.

Model KSR330 with headform fixture
Model KSR330 with Headform Fixture

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Some of our Valued Customers in Q1

  • Polymer Technologies – SE90168-25 WCG Instrument
  • Jacobs KSC – WCG525 Weight & CG Instrument
  • ISL French German Research Institute – XR50 MOI and SE90168 Weight & CG Instruments
  • Northrup Grumman – Measurement and Balancing Services
  • Lockheed Martin – WCG455 Weight & CG Instrument
  • Silveron Industries – 101-5HJ-NAV Igniter Circuit Testers

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