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Model 3712 Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator

Product Details

The Model 3712 is a portable, self-contained pressure calibrator with the capability to calibrate hydraulic and pneumatic pressure gauges by comparison with reference master gauges. The pressure is manually generated through the use of hand pump and hydraulic oil is used as the pressure medium. Test gauges that are filled with oil can be installed directly onto the calibrator. For applications where the test gauge contains a different type of fluid, such as water, a fluid separator is installed to act as a physical barrier between the two fluids.

A fill and drain system is also provided to fill pneumatic or liquid gauges prior to installing the gauge on the calibrator. After completion of the calibration, the fill and drain system can be used to flush and dry the gauge. The fill and drain system can be operated electrically or manually.

The calibrator consists of a pressure hand pump assembly, a set of master pressure gauges, fill and drain assembly, fluid separators, hand vacuum pump, electrically operated vacuum pump, and test gauge adapters.

  • Unique dual range design with push-pull selector valve enables generation of pressures up to 1,000 psi at high volume or 10,000 psi at low volume.
  • Operates using hydraulic oil, isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, D-2 Ethylhexyl Sebacate, or other calibration fluids.
  • Dual outlet manifold with quick-disconnect fittings for master gauge and instrument being tested.
  • Manual vernier control valve for precise pressure adjustments.
  • Furnished with two high pressure test hoses, adapter kit, replacement seals and packings, fill/bleed wrench, and calibration fluid storage bottles.
  • Requires no source of external power besides manual effort: Ideal for use in remote field locations.
  • Simple to set-up and operate.
  • Integral drip pan for mess-free filling.
  • Housed in a rugged, stackable thermoplastic case.
  • Optional liquid separator, P/N 3460-54-1, available for testing gauges using different fluid types.
  • Version designed for operation using Skydrol hydraulic fluid available.

  • Test Fluid: Varies depending on configuration.
  • Hand Pump Assembly:
    Discharge Pressure: 0 to 10,000 psig
    Reservoir Capacity: 75 cubic inches
    Piston displacement:
    High Volume: 0.196 cubic inches per stroke
    Low Volume: 0.022 cubic inches per stroke
    Manifold ports, Qty. 2: Quick-Disconnect fittings, female
  • Adapter Kit Assembly:
    Quantity of adapters: 6
    End Configuration: 1/8” FPT, ¼” FPT; 3/8” FPT; 7/16 -20 UNF female thread, per AN 10050-4; 7/16” -20 UNF male thread, per AN 10056-4
    Disconnects for D-H ref. standard: 2
  • High-Pressure Test Hoses (qty.2):
    Pressure Rating:
    Operating: 10,000 psig
    Proof: 15,000 psig
    Burst (minimum): 40,000 psig
    Material: Braided stainless steel
  • Case Dimensions & Weight (including accessories):
    26”W x 10”H x 10”D
    27.5 lbs.

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