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  • Advanced Mass Properties Measurement Training
  • New Commercial Pitot Static Test Set
  • Digital Test Gauge for Life Support and Space Industry Applications

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SAWE Advanced Mass Properties Measurement

Raptor Scientific continues to build on its 48-year long association with the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE), and international organization focused on promoting the vital role mass properties play in aerospace, marine, offshore, and land vehicles. In May, we exhibited at this year’s International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where Raptor’s Bob Cipolli taught a class on Advanced Mass Properties Measurement.

Mass Properties Measurement continues to be a popular training course. We offer our standard course several times a year at our Berlin, Connecticut location, as well as customized courses that we can teach at your facility or ours.

New Commercial Pitot Static Test Set

adts-3250-header-option2-nologoRaptor Scientific has launched a new commercial pitot static test set. The newest ADTS is based on our rugged, proven, and reliable ADTS-3350 series. It has a smaller, lighter form factor with lower rates and ranges for the commercial market.

The ADTS-3250 air data test set operates using the included WiFi 7.0″ touchscreen remote control unit (a 25ft remote cable is also included). This allows the operator to control the test set from the cockpit, without any wires. The ADTS will be available in either a 2 or 3-channel configuration. For aircraft equipped with a smart probe, the third channel can be used to test AoA and AoS. Additionally, the 3rd channel can be used over the range of either the Ps or Pt channel. For customers who do not currently require a 3-channel unit, the 2-channel test set can be upgraded to a 3-channel configuration.

Our graphical user interface is intuitive and virtually eliminates the learning curve. Aircraft Select mode allows the operator to select the preloaded aircraft under test after startup. Each aircraft can have individually programmed test sequences, allowing for semi-automated testing on the flightline. Aircraft profiles, images, and test sequences can easily be added, edited or removed using our included Profile Builder software.

The ADTS-3250 will be offered with a standard 2-year warranty, a 1-year calibration included, 48-hour guaranteed turnaround calibration services, free software updates as well as a loaner program to reduce downtime.

Learn more about the ADTS-3250 today!

Digital Test Gauge for Life Support and Space Industry Applications

nomad-test-gauge-combines-oxygen-product-picture-2Raptor Scientific has introduced a new digital pressure gauge designed for the calibration of instruments classified for breathing oxygen/air and oxygen-clean applications. What is unique about this new digital pressure gauge is that its internal pressure sensor does not contain any hydrocarbon or flammable liquid typically found in standard piezoresistive pressure sensing elements.

V.P. of Sales, Robert Welther, had this to say about the product, “We had been relying on mechanical, Bourdon tube dial gauges for decades to support our customer’s O2 Clean requirements. I thought that it was time to look to a more modern option and was able to find a unique solution that utilizes a non-flammable fill fluid for the piezoresistive, isolated diaphragm sensors. This eliminates the risk of hydrocarbon contamination into a test item should the sensor leak or rupture during use. One of the challenges with the old-style Bourdon tube design is that the spiral geometry of the Bourdon tube makes them difficult to clean. In comparison, our new O2 Clean Digital Test Gauge has a straight, shallow sensing cavity and routine cleaning is very easy. Additionally, we can supply our test gauges with connections that do not require PTFE Teflon thread sealing tape. This provides for a less trouble-free connection and reduces the time required to clean each strip of PTFE tape prior to gauge fitting. O2 cleaning is very labor intensive. Our new Oxygen Clean gauges eliminate 90% of the work and cost associated with these specialized instruments.”

The new Oxygen Clean Digital Pressure Indicators are available in pressure ranges from vacuum to 10,000 PSI and are also available in a standard, non-oxygen clean version. Additional features include data logging, Gauge, and Absolute pressure indication, over 20 selectable pressure units, 1,000-hour battery life, and a 25-month warranty. Standard accuracy is 0.1% of span, with higher accuracy upon request.

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