Aerodynamic Flutter on Aircraft Control Surfaces: Testing and Measurement Analysis

InTenso Weight Center of Gravity Moment of Inertia
August 12, 2020

Aerodynamic Flutter on Aircraft Control Surfaces – Testing and Measurement Analysis Flutter is of great concern to any pilot, since excessive flutter has caused a number of aircraft to lose control and crash. Although any surface on an aircraft which is exposed to air flow can experience aerodynamic flutter, the most common type of flutter […]

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How to Reduce Cross Coupling of Airborne Cameras and Other Gimbaled Devices

Static balancing a gimbaled sensor assembly will virtually eliminate jitter in many applications. However, in the case of the most demanding applications, or when the gimbal design has forced major asymmetry in component mounting, residual jitter may still occur. The remaining angular jitter is induced by the existence of a dynamic imbalance excited by random […]

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How Mass Properties Affect Satellite Attitude Control

The success of a satellite mission is highly dependent on the accuracy of the measurement of its mass properties before flight and the proper ballasting of the satellite to bring the mass properties within tight limits. Failure to properly control mass properties can result in the satellite tumbling end over end after launch, or quickly […]

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