Spring Newsletter March 2022

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IPC-A-610 Certification

Berlin Team IPC CertificationCongratulations to our staff members for achieving IPC-A-610 certification in January 2022. The successful completion of this course allows Raptor Scientific to continue to meet our customers’ high-quality requirements. Hats off to Ernst Beliard, Jacob Blank, Chris Boyd, Phil Korb, Steve Korb, Tim Mulligan, John Smyth, and Travis White.

Air Data Calibration Test System

The ADCTS-1000 Series is a self-contained maneuverable rack-mounted air data management system. The ADCTS can be configured for use in calibration labs, avionics engineering, and avionics/instrument shops. The ADCTS graphical user interface is very intuitive, after a few minutes of set up the operator can be testing. The system can be programmed to perform manual, semi-automated or fully automated test and calibration for a variety of air data test equipment (ie. pitot static test sets, air data computers, altimeters, airspeed indicators, gauges and other avionics instrumentations). The ADCTS can be used in commercial or military environments. Learn more about the ADCTS-1000 Series

Optimize Your Power Generation Turbine Balance

Unbalance within turbine machinery spinning at >3000 RPM will result in fluctuating power output as well as unreliability and damage over time. Static balancing of rotor stages and individual blades will alleviate these issues and provide you with reduced operational costs.

Raptor Scientific has over 60 years of mass properties measurement and balancing experience. We perform moment-weighing measurement services that are time and cost-effective for the typical power generation operator.  Learn more about Turbine Blade Balancing

InfiniScan Mechanically Assisted – MAx – System Variant

The InfiniScan Mechanically Assisted, or MAx, system variant leverages metrology-grade location tracking and built-in automation for highly accurate and repeatable aperture formation. The MAx system RF Head leverages the WaveCore source/receive module to cover the frequency range of 2 – 18 GHz, coupled with a custom-designed antenna to collect both horizontal and vertically polarized data. The incorporation of automation to control the aperture formation and maintain true desired observation geometry greatly improves measurement performance over traditional methods. Learn more about InfiniScan MAx


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