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The InfiniScan Mechanically Assisted, or MAx, system variant leverages metrology-grade location tracking and built-in automation for highly accurate and repeatable aperture formation.

The MAx system RF Head leverages the WaveCore source/receive module to cover the frequency range of 2 – 18 GHz, coupled with a custom-designed antenna to collect both horizontal and vertically polarized data. The incorporation of automation to control the aperture formation and maintain true desired observation geometry greatly improves measurement performance over traditional methods.

The MAx system has automated drive and steering to ensure that the aperture path is followed accurately with each and every measurement. MAx also has automated lift which provides measurement coverage from as low as 15” and up to 17’ while the automated pan/tilt control further simplifies operation and ensures the observation geometry is maintained throughout the measurement. With automated control over all these axis, and being accurately aligned into the target’s coordinate system, MAx is able to dynamically adjust throughout the aperture to match the target’s current attitude at the time of measurement providing repeatable data products regardless of the placement or orientation of the target under test.

With onboard batteries and charging capability, the MAx system can operate completely untethered for over 20 hours and recharges in less than 9 hours. If needed, the system can also operate from a standard 120 VAC outlet. The batteries can be charged simultaneously while the system is operating from AC power and both charging and operation require less than 15 Amps so no special facility power is required.

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Radar Cross Section Measurements


Infiniscan Radar Cross Section - handheld on mobile tripod
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SCI-Xe-AC radar cross section
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SCI-2k-B2A and cases
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