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Portable Single Channel Igniter Circuit Testers

Product Details

Testers for testing explosive circuits in the field. Designed for testing explosive circuits such as missile fuzes, airbag squibs, or other electrically detonated ordnance in the field. Raptor Scientific portable igniter circuit testers can test diodes and measure resistances with great accuracy while dramatically reducing the risks of accidental detonations because of their built-in fail-safe modules.

Typical Applications

  • Missiles and bombs (squib circuits, harness testing)
  • Launchers (thrust vector motor control and feedback elements)
  • Fuzes (sensor fuzed weapons, fuzes in missile simulators and targets)
  • Spacecraft (clamp band release mechanism)
  • Aircraft (fire extinguishers, emergency slides deployment)
  • Automotive (airbag squib circuit, belt pretensioner circuit)
  • Mining (blasting caps, explosive primers)
  • Pyrotechnic (pyro-firing initiator, explosive bolts)
  • Generic (resistive and diode circuit paths, measure continuity and isolation between any circuit paths available on external connectors)

Our squib testers are specialized fail-safe electronic testers that measure components of electro-explosive circuits, using a test current which is a 1000 times less than a conventional precision low resistance tester.

Portable igniter circuit testers are enclosed in a weatherproof case with handle and space for test leads storage. The case seals the electronics from damage from water spray, humidity, and dust environments.

Our 101-5HJ-NAV tester is a direct replacement for the discontinued Alinco 101 tester. Our tester overcomes the defects that made the Alinco 101 unsafe.

We make three versions of portable testers.

Manual, high accuracy
Computer controlled, high accuracy
Sealed, tamper-proof failsafe module
10 mA max test current
Even in worst case failure (1)
4-wire Kelvin (2)
Power: rechargeable internal battery
Interlocked UUT / charger connector (3)
Battery status indicator
milliamp meterx
Resistance measurement
Diode measurementxx
Manual Control and Readout
Computer Control and Readout (4)
via Fiber Optic cable
Data Loggingxx
Detection of missing or broken test leads (5)xx
Digital Calibration (6)xx
  1. Fail-safe module limits test current. Since excessive test current could cause bodily injury or death, protection for all modes of failure or operator error is built into the squib tester. A sealed, tamperproof, fail-safe module guarantees that the test current will be less than 10 mA even under worst case conditions of simultaneous failure of multiple circuit elements.
  2. Ease of operation – Direct reading. 4-wire test leads arrangement, which automatically compensate for lead resistance.
  3. Power charger interlock. Connection of the charger is through the same connector as the test lead cable connector. This prevents from using the tester while it is connected to external power.
  4. Connection to a computer via fiber optic cable to ensure safe meter integration and physical separation between the computer’s power system and the squib. On the computer side it can be configured for USB or Ethernet connection. This allows complete and safe operation of the tester from a computer. The customer can create their own custom testing program to interface with the tester, or they can use software provided by Space Electronics. Software control allows:
    • Remote Data Reading: Automated data collection ensures that correct values are recorded, without risk of operator error.
    • Data Logging: Store measured values in a database.
    • Scripting: Test Engineers can create manual or automated test sequences.
    • Reporting: A full UUT report can be generated, printed, exported to Excel and stored to disk.
    • Analysis: Statistical analysis of a dataset can be performed on stored measurements.
  5. Detect missing or broken wires in the 4 wire test leads to the UUT. Diagnose and locate wiring errors that other testers would show as a resistance or open circuit reading.
  6. Digital Calibration. Our model 101-SQB-PTU is calibrated digitally, with no requirement to open the meter or trim internal or external potentiometers. The calibration kit consists of software, UUT cable, and all necessary interfaces to connect the meter to a regular Windows-based desktop or laptop computer.

All other meters are calibrated manually with built-in certified resistors and an externally accessible potentiometer (no need to ever open the tester).

Other benefits of the 101-SQB-PTU include:

  • Quick Reading. Squib tester stabilizes readings in less than 2 seconds. Reading is truly stable and clearly legible for operator (no interpretation between fluctuating values).
  • Measurement Reading Ease. Our squib testers have a large format LCD display, with clear indication of range being measured, status of battery, status of calibration, and large format reading values including units. Reduces operator error through misreading.
  • Immune to differences in lead resistances. Our squib testers are specifically designed to withstand unequal lead resistances on the 4 wire cable lines.
  • RF Immunity. Our squib testers are hardened against external electromagnetic and RF signals.


SE90245Key shorting switch w/10 ft. Cable
SE902466-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with 2 alligator clips
SE902476-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with 2 pin tip connectors
SE902486-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with 2 banana plugs
SE902496-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with four 6-inch flying leads
SE902506-foot 4-wire calibration cable assembly with 4 banana plugs
SE90253Spare US Charger Assembly (110-120V)
SE90254Spare European Charger Assembly (220-240V)
SE90263ST Fiber optic to USB converter module
SE90264Calibration Kit
SE90272Calibration Software Disk
SE90301Software for remote control and readout. Includes data logging and scripting.


2ARanges 20 ohm, 200 ohm, 2 kohm, 2 Mohm
2BRanges 20 ohm, 200 ohm, 200 kohm, 2 Mohm
SE90036Key shorting switch w/10-foot (3 meter) cable
SE90036AExtra test cable (specify length) 150 ft (45 m) max
SE9838Extra set of alligator clip leads
13Connector to mate with Space Electronics tester
19Additional four-wire Kelvin probes
SE9511Replacement battery charger
SE9511-EUReplacement battery charger – European (220V)
SE9512Replacement battery pack with overcurrent protection
SE9805Rack panel
SE90088Range toggle switches to replace push buttons (1 – 3 ranges)
SE90088-4Range toggle switches to replace all 4 push button ranges

Igniter/Squib Circuit Testers


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