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1n-SQB-RUG Squib Tester

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New Product Release!

The 1n-SQB-RUG is the newest offering in our SQB squib tester product line. This is a ruggedized version of our 1n-SQB-BTP tester product.  The 1n-SQB-RUG tester has all the resistance and diode functions of the 1n-SQB-BTP tester with an increased thermal operating range, sealed case and other improvements to create a rugged version to satisfy the higher durability requirements of depot and field environments.

The sealed case and new thermal monitoring features allow the tester to meet full performance over a wide thermal range (-10C to +50C).  The desiccant and humidity monitor within the sealed case, allows the user to mitigate internal humidity, keeping the tester at peak performance throughout its extended life.

This new tester’s higher-density failsafe system allows twice as many test points through each of the UUT failsafes, while keeping the high level of safety users expect from Raptor Scientific.  Cable density is now at 16 test-points through a single failsafe, meeting most medium test point applications using a single cable connection at the tester.

The new system also reduces the footprint in the equipment rack to a 3U 19” rack enclosure, as well as decreasing weight to only 18.5 pounds.  It can be purchase with UUT connections and a desiccant cartridge on either the front or back of the system.  The 3U packaging allows ample space for either a 16-test point or 32-test point configuration (determined at the time of purchase).

This system is designed to be used with a ruggedized laptop or computer to create a highly portable solution for weapons testing.  It continues to utilize a fiber-optic computer interface to isolate the tester from the computer’s power system for additional safety.  Like the whole SQB tester line, this computer connection controls all functions of the tester.  By eliminating manual buttons on the tester, operators can not interfere with any automated computer control tests thereby improving safety margins.  This fiber-optic interface also continues the tradition of digital calibrated tester established in 2012 in the SQB product series.

The internal electronics have been updated allowing the tester to come in different range configurations including an available 2Ω full-scale range with a 0.001Ω accuracy.  These can be selected at the time of purchase to better suit your testing needs.  The tester also has an improved constant current source that allows for better performance overall ranges and cable lengths.


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