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101-SQB-SG Single Range Igniter Circuit Tester

Product Details

The 101-SQB-SG is Raptor Scientific’s new portable single-range igniter circuit tester. This tester builds on our legacy of designing products for critical military, aerospace, and industrial applications that utilize squibs and other explosive devices with the capability to safely test ignitable circuity without risk of detonation. Despite the ultra-portable package, we have maintained the multiple layers of operator safety present on the rest of our SQB product line while increasing accuracy.

This tester has a full-scale range of 10 Ω but has the same accuracy as our other testers’ 2 Ω range. The higher full-scale range of the 101-SQB-SG adds the versatility needed to measure more circuit paths in your test articles while improved accuracy and resolution gives the tester superior performance when measuring both single and parallel squib configurations.

A high-performance analog front end connects to a precision 24-bit ADC while digital filtering and calibration allow for unparalleled reading stability during measurements. Measurements are displayed on a 3.2-inch backlit transflective LCD allowing for readability in both extremely dark and bright conditions.

A single 6-pin Mil-Spec circular connector is utilized for test leads and battery charger jack, making it physically impossible to simultaneously connect the AC/DC Charger while measuring with the test leads. After a full charge, you can expect over 24 hours of accurate meter operation.

101-SQB-SG handheld 1000x1000px website101-SQB-SG Measurement

Full-Scale….. 10Ω + 5% overage
Resolution…..0.0001 Ω
Accuracy….. 0.05 % Full Scale
Nominal Test Current….. 1.6 mA
Failsafe Current….. 10 mA
UUT Measurement Wiring….. 4-Wire Sense/Excitation


Battery Type….. Proprietary Lithium-ION Battery
Charger Power….. Primary: 90-240VAC @ 0.5A, Secondary: 5VDC @ 2A


Weight….. 2 pounds
Dimensions….. 4” x 7” x 2” thick

Operating Environment

Temperature….. -10°C to +50°C (operating), -30°C to +80°C (storage)
Humidity….. 70% non-condensing (operating), 90% non-condensing (storage)

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