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Model 3724 Automatic Thermo Unit Calibrator

Product Details

The Model 3724 Automatic Thermo Unit Calibrator is a microprocessor-driven automated system designed to perform the standardization and calibration procedures for the KNC Model 3604-A and 3605-A Dry Well Temperature Calibrators without the operator being present.

By automating the time-consuming process of thermo unit standardization and calibration, the Model 3724 Automatic thermo Unit Calibrator control unit, shown at left, increases laboratory efficiency by freeing the operator to do other tasks. The Model 3724 also saves time and money, and reduces the potential for operator errors that can adversely affect measurement repeatability and traceability.

The Model 3724 Automatic Thermo Unit Calibrator control unit may be purchased by itself or as part of a complete package that also includes either a Hart or Rosemount SPRT, special calibration chucks, a precision Multimeter, all required cables, and a padded wooden storage case.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic thermo unit standardization & calibration
  • Reduces operator effort and equipment downtime
  • Designed for use with Hart and Rosemount SPRTs
  • Real-time temperature measurement and display
  • User-selectable ITS 90 and ITS 68 coefficients
  • Compact and rugged calibration control unit
  • Control unit available separately
  • Complete kit available with multimeter & SPRT
  • Performs 3604-A and 3605-A thermo unit standardization and/or calibration procedures automatically eliminates time-consuming manual data logging and frees-up shop personnel for other tasks.
  • Operational modes including standardization and calibration, standardization only, calibration only, and real-time SPRT temperature monitoring available.
  • Generates hard copy report of standardization and/or calibration data using the thermo unit built-in printer.
  • Standardizes thermo units using either ITS 68 or ITS 90 coefficients.
  • User-selectable temperature stabilization time from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Easy to read, backlit dot-matrix LCD display prompts the operator through the system setup process and provides status information at a glance.
  • Complete kits include a P/N 3724-10-1 automatic calibration control unit, an Agilent Technologies Model 34401A multimeter, a Hart Scientific 5628 or Rosemount 162CE SPRT (customer choice), calibration chucks for the 3604-A and 3605-A thermo units, and a fitted storage case.
  • Partial kit available with no SPRT supplied; individual kit components also sold separately.
  • Operational Modes: Standardize, Calibrate and Read SPRT
  • Displayed Units: Fahrenheit (°F), Celsius (C°), Seconds
  • ITS-68 Standardization: Alpha (α), Delta (Δ), Rtpw
  • ITS-90 Standardization: A7, B7, C7, Rtpw (not included in this model)
  • IEEE-488/GPIB Interface: ANSI/IEEE-ST-488.2
  • SPRT Sampling Rate: 40 Times Per Second
  • Input Power: 115 ±10% VAC, 48 to 420 Hz, 1.6 Amps
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    12”W x 5”H x 9”D
    7 lbs.
Once set-up, the system can be configured to perform the following tasks without further input or intervention by the operator :

  • Commands the thermo unit to advance through the setpoints required for standardization and calibration, and hold the temperature at each setpoint for the stabilization time defined by the operator, from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Logs resistance readings from an external standard platinum resistance thermometer (SPRT) used to measure the true well temperature at the setpoints required for standardization and calibration via an IEEE- 488/GPIB compliant multimeter.
  • Logs temperatures displayed by the thermo unit over the built-in IEEE- 488/GPIB interface.
  • Commands the thermo unit electronics to calculate the coefficients required to standardize the internal SPRT based on the true well temeratures measured by the external SPRT and the internal SPRT resistance.
  • Commands the thermo unit to load the standardization coefficients into non-volatile memory (standardization only).
  • Commands the thermo unit to generate a hard copy report for tracking purposes using the built-in printer.

For added versatility, a built-in READ SPRT mode may be used to take real-time readings from an SPRT or other resistance thermometer connected to the multimeter. This enables the Model 3724 Automatic Thermo Unit Calibrator to function as part of a highly precise temperature measurement system.

For more information regarding the KNC Model 3724 Automatic Thermo Unit Calibrator, or to request pricing information or an on-site demonstration, please call our Sales Department at (818) 887-5460, or email us at

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