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Portable Temperature Calibrators

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Our Portable Temperature Calibrators are highly accurate dry well temperature standards designed for testing and calibrating thermometers, temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTDs, and temperature switches. The dry well design and precision adapter chucks provide excellent heat transfer into the device under test and fast heating and cool-down times.

These calibrators are suitable for applications outside the lab where variable environmental conditions exist. Each dry well calibrators is designed for a specific temperature reference range; sub-ambient/low temp (-40F – 250F), mid temp (95F – 662F), and high temp (100F – 1200 F).

  • temperature-calibrators-images-570x1024Unique dry well design and precision adapter chucks eliminate the need for messy thermal transfer oils.
  • Excellent accuracy and temperature stability.
  • Microprocessor control for safety and ease of use.
  • Rugged aluminum cases protect the units from harsh environmental conditions and include storage for adapters and accessories.
  • Designed for simple field service and maintenance.
  • All models conform to rigorous U.S. Military specifications.


Model No.42003603-A3604-A3605-A
Temperature Range:95°F to 662°F
(35°C to 350°C)
100°F to 600°F
(38°C to 315°C)
100°F to 1,200°F
(38°C to 649°C)
-40°F to 250°F
(-40°C to 121°C)1
Accuracy:0.25°F (0.14°C)±0.5°F Throughout Range±0.8°F from 100°F to 600°F ±0.15% of Setpoint > 600°F±0.5°F Throughout Range
Setpoint Stability:0.05°F
Well Uniformity:0.25°F
Ambient Temp. Range:
Operational Storage
32°F to 120°F
-67°F to 167°F
32°F to 120°F
-67°F to 167°F
32°F to 120°F
-67°F to 167°F
Readout Units:Fahrenheit (F°) or Celsius(C°)Fahrenheit (F°) or Celsius(C°)Fahrenheit (F°) or Celsius(C°)Fahrenheit (F°) or Celsius(C°)
Case Dimensions:
(L x W x H)
7” x 11” x 10.5”
(178x279x267 mm)
11” x 7” x 10”18” x 11” x 14”18” x 11” x 14”
Input Power:
115 VAC, 50-60Hz
3.5 Amps
5 Amps
115 VAC, 50-60Hz
9.0 Amps
10 Amps
115 VAC, 50-60Hz
5.0 Amps
1 Amp and 5 Amps
Weight:15 lb (6.8 kg)12.5 lbs.44 lbs.44 lbs.

1 100°F below ambient temperature




MODEL 3604A HIGH TEMP (100°F TO 1200°F)


MODEL 3605A LOW TEMP (-40°F TO 250°F)


MODEL 3603A HIGH TEMP (100°F TO 600°F)

Discontinued Model (contact us for support options)


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