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Regulus 4200 Dual Power Temperature Calibrator

Product Details

The Regulus 4200 Dual-Power Temperature Calibrator sets new standards for accuracy, stability and field use.

Designed for portability, the Regulus 4200 is lightweight and easy to take to the field for in-place calibration. The robust design, compact size and revolutionary new well technology equips technicians with a dry well solution that performs the workload of more expensive lab-only equipment. Its patent-pending, dual-power modulation reduces electricity demand by as much as 80% compared to the competition.

Compact, tough, reliable and packed with new technology that saves energy and rewrites the definition of field metrology.

Customizable ramp-and-soak programing
Automated switch testing
Dual-axial well uniformity
Uniform from 3” – 6” deep
Communicates with standard DMMs
Specialized chucks available
Can be operated remotely on generator, inverter or portable power supply

95°F to 662°F (35°C to 350°C)

Full Range Accuracy:
0.25°F (0.14°C)

Display Resolution:
0.01°F or °C

Set Point Stability:
0.05°F (0.027°C)

Well Informity:
0.25°F (0.14°C)

(WxHxD) 11″ x 10.5″ x 7″ (279 x 267 x 178 mm)

15lb (6.8 kg)

Heating Time:
10 min from ambient to max

Cooling Time:
20 min from max to 212°F (100°C)


Revolutionary Insulation

Heat Control

  • Cool-to-touch operation protects technicians from injury
  • Heat exhaust management creates safe work environment
  • Protects sensor under test from heat damage
  • Doesn’t impact calibration laboratory environment


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Unmatched stabilization of testing
  • Efficient test procedures
  • Faster turnaround time for testing

Unprecedented Efficiency

With revolutionary insulation, innovative well design and the unique ability to modulate voltage between AC and DC power supply, the Regulus 4200 achieves unmatched energy efficiency. In comparison to leading competitors, the Regulus 4200 can reduce energy consumption by as much as 80% and help lower utility costs.

Dual Power Advantage

The Regulus 4200 has the ability to modulate between AC and DC current to conserve power and stabilize setpoints (+/- 0.02°F stability). The dual-power feature uses AC power to rapidly heat the device to target temperatures (3 amp max draw), then modulates to DC power for maintaining the setpoint with minimal electricity usage (0.5 amp or less).

Safety by Design

The multi-zone dry well with a revolutionary Aerogel insulation design captures heat to protect the device under test from exhaust heat, remove any exposed hot elements that could injure the technician and keep lab facilities from heating. The efficient capture of heat within the dry well increases setpoint stability, reduces energy needed for reaching setpoints and eliminates  hazards to the environment, personnel or equipment.

Portability Perfected

Small and light enough to carry from job to job, bringing laboratory accuracy to the field, the Regulus 4200 can operate completely off the grid with a portable power pack (sold separately). With a low maximum amperage draw (3 amp) and minimal energy consumption (1100 W max), the Regulus 4200 pairs with a variety of portable power pack options on the market for all-day use in the field.

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