Winter 2018 Newsletter – The Spacecraft Positioner: A New Fixture for Determining All Mass Properties of a Spacecraft Without Spinning

Spacecraft are frequently moved and reoriented during assembly and ground testing, bringing with each move the risk of physical damage. During mass properties testing, a spacecraft will typically be oriented vertically and horizontally as well as rolled horizontally to obtain moment of inertia about the three axes. When product of inertia has to be determined, spacecraft are oriented at additional interim angles in order to obtain all the required inertia measurements. A new Spacecraft Positioner is developed to securely support the spacecraft on a mass properties measurement instrument and automatically drive the spacecraft to position. This new fixturing and measurement system has been proven to minimize risk by eliminating the handling steps previously required during the measurement of spacecraft mass properties. There is a single load then unload step where the spacecraft is handled in its vertical position; all subsequent orientations are completed safely by the positioner.Call us today for more information regarding the Spacecraft Positioner (860) 829-0001.

3-ton spacecraft mass simulator mounted on the Spacecraft Positioner

These Customers Ordered Raptor Scientific Equipment in 17Q4

  • NAWC, Pax River – XR250, Moment of Inertia Instrument
  • Raytheon – 101-SQB-RAK, Rack Mount Igniter Circuit Tester
  • Lockheed Martin – 101-5HJ-NAV, Igniter Circuit Tester

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