Summer 2017 Newsletter – Weight and CG of Large Objects and Spacecraft

Measuring Weight and Center of Gravity of Large Objects and Spacecraft

Measuring the center of gravity (CG) of large objects or spacecraft presents many of the typical problems associated with measuring CG of smaller objects. Some of these issues are commonly: constructing an instrument with known geometry, repeatability of said geometry under a wide array of load conditions, selection of force transducers with sensitivity appropriate to support the measurement tolerance, preserving that sensitivity throughout the measurement, and devising a method to relate the spacecraft’s datum to the instrument’s datum.

Raptor Scientific has developed unique and innovative solutions to the issues stated above. The result is an instrument capable of handling loads from 10,000-35,000 lbs, with +/- 0.1 % +60 lbs accuracy and measuring CGy and CGz to within +/- 0.1″ and CGx to +/- 0.3″.

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These Customers Ordered Raptor Scientific Equipment in 17Q2

  • Eglin AFB – CMM Measurement Arm
  • ATA Aerospace – KSR330-60 CG/Moment of Inertia Instrument
  • Raytheon – SQUIB Tester 101-SQB-RAK


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