Air Data Principles and Aircraft Pitot-Static System Troubleshooting using the ADTS-3350ER or ADTS-3300JS Air Data Test Sets

August 23, 2022

Technical training does not typically provide avionics technicians with a comprehensive overview of air data principles – and therefore questions may arise due to some confusing situations. Below we will cover some answers to questions that are commonly asked by avionics technicians.  This article is intended to help technicians testing aircraft pitot-static systems the basic […]

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Case Study: United States Air Force Honeywell ADT-222 Test Set Replacement

February 18, 2024

Like the original Sperry ADT-222A, many Honeywell ADT-222B test sets have reached the end of their supportable life cycle. These legacy units have been hindered over the past several years by parts obsolescence, availability of replacement parts and repair capabilities. Many end users have found them increasingly more difficult and costly to repair and re […]

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